We’re proud to announce that Orgain has earned its B Corp™ certification, joining a growing movement of like-minded businesses balancing purpose and profit to positively impact the planet and the people living on it.​ This marks an important milestone in Orgain’s ongoing efforts to be a force for good in the world which began with our founding mission to provide accessible, clean nutrition for all.​

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps™, are companies verified by B Lab™ to meet the high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. To earn B Corp™ certification, Orgain worked with B Lab™ to complete its comprehensive B Impact Assessment™ which rigorously evaluates five key areas: Workers, Environment, Customers, Community, and Governance. ​

Highlights in key areas from Orgain’s 18-month B Impact Assessment period:​

  • Orgain supports sustainable agriculture with over 75% of our product portfolio USDA certified Organic meaning less pesticides, healthier soils, and higher nutrient value of what is grown​.
  • We ensure everything we make is crafted from high-quality ingredients to maximize nutrition and our entire product portfolio has been reviewed and certified by a recognized third party focused on quality and 100% of our suppliers are audited for quality and food safety assurance on a regular basis​.
  • We embrace a diverse workforce from our leadership team to our broader employee base - over 60% of our employees identify as women and over 30% identify as being from a racial or ethnic minority.​
  • Orgain promotes employee wellbeing by offering a complete suite of healthcare benefits, retirement matching, life and disability insurance, as well as subsidized gym memberships, free subscriptions to the Calm app, 13-18 weeks of paid primary parental leave, and flexible work schedule​.

​Since the beginning, Orgain has been committed to doing everything we can to effect positive change for the planet and the people who call it home. In the years ahead, Orgain will focus its efforts on expanding access to clean nutrition, implementing sustainable practices that nurture the planet, and empowering a healthy, fair, and diverse workforce.​ 

Access to Clean Nutrition​

In keeping with our founding mission, Orgain has worked closely with non-profits and individuals, donating time, dollars and most importantly, food, to ensure real nutrition gets in the hands of those who need it most. ​

  • In 2022, we donated over 330,000 meals to those in need of nutrition. In 2023, we plan to increase the number of meals donated by a minimum of 5%.​

Nurturing the Planet​

Orgain is committed to continuing to implement sustainable practices: ​

  • In 2020, Orgain launched Its green Initiative that reduced plastic used in containers by 40%, saving 30,000 pounds of plastic annually without reducing the amount of product per container. ​
  • We use bio-based caps made from sugarcane, a renewable source that produces 6% less CO2 emissions than conventional caps.

A Passionate Team with a Purpose

As a company founded on improving people’s wellbeing, we continue to raise the standard of support for our team by creating an inclusive, healthy workplace that celebrates diversity of thought and lending a hand to each other to get the job done.​

  • In 2023, we are taking efforts to ensure we receive a diverse slate of candidates for new positions, and instituting an annual companywide wellness day.

To find out more about Orgain’s ongoing efforts to expand access to clean nutrition and implement sustainable practices, visit our Feel Good Food page.

To find out more about B Corp, click here.