Spring cleaning this year is going to hit different. On top of the usual winter hibernation period, most folks have also been quarantining for nearly a year now which can lead to a lot of stuff accumulating in our fridges, our houses, and—maybe more so than anything—our brains.

That’s why we’re rolling out spring cleaning for more than just your house. From fitness to food to productivity, it’s the perfect opportunity to re-organize and re-energize your entire life.

  • Remember that revamping your diet doesn’t have to mean “going without”, it just means “eating better”. Try these five ways to spring clean your nutrition.
  • The goal of springtime is to spend LESS time indoors, so meal prepping can be key. Just one afternoon or evening can simplify your life and free up all sorts of time throughout the week. Meal prep for spring with these tips.
  • The treadmill is affectionately known as the Dreadmill at this point. Get out of your basement, try a new playlist, get new shoes—whatever it takes to keep yourself motivated and moving. Use these ten tips to spring clean your fitness routine.
  • The refrigerator is the hub of the house. Use the new season as an opportunity to reorganize and spring clean your fridge. It’s amazing how easy it is to eat better when you use a few psychological tricks. Here’s what a healthy fridge looks like.
  • Perhaps the most important thing to re-energize is your mind. The year 2020 was a doozy, to say the least, and this spring can be a renewal for your focus and happiness. Recharge your energy with these four simple tips.
  • People worldwide will still be working remotely into the spring. After a year of a confined space, cabin fever can start to set in. While the following tips were originally meant for cold-weather season, they can easily be used to revive your productivity in a work-from-home situation. Five ways to stay productive inside.
We’d love to hear what others ways you’re reframing spring cleaning to re-energize your whole self. Tag us on Instagram @drinkorgain and let us know.