The long days of summer are coming in hot and it’s time to start training for a full activity load. There are a handful of ways to get in better workouts. Here are a few ways to utilize that little bit of extra daytime motivation and hone in on how you can really optimize your health in time for summer.

Stretch in the mornings

Now that the sun is peeking out before your morning run, consider setting your alarm for five to ten minutes earlier (crazy, we know) and get in a good stretch. Not a runner? Morning stretching or yoga is an amazing way to wake up your body, get your digestion moving in the right direction, build strength, and work on any problem areas. This is particularly important if work requires you to be at a desk most of your day.

Eat clean

Clean, lean proteins and lots of organic fruits and veggies are your friend. Spring is a great time to shrug off the comfort foods of winter and start leaning towards fresher, plant based recipes. Consider swapping out grain-based breakfasts and lunches for green protein smoothies or smoothie bowls. Protein helps you feel satiated throughout the morning, and fruits and greens will sit a little lighter on your stomach and help keep energy levels high. Springtime is the right time to get a little pickier about the quality of your foods.

Set goals

Maybe your wintertime routine has hit a plateau, or you’re ready to commit to that 10k. Wherever you are in hitting that refresh button, setting challenging yet attainable goals in the springtime will help you stay focused throughout this season and next. Maybe your goal is to do yoga every day for two weeks. Or perhaps you’re ready to get back into your mid-day running routine. We suggest making it more about what you do vs what you weigh.

Listen to your body

More daylight means more time for working out. Yoga in the morning and cardio in the afternoon sounds heavenly. Are you fueling your body properly to reach your activity level goals? Are you considering protein for recovery? Maybe your quads are telling you it’s time to stretch more and/or drink more water. Your body will likely tell you everything you need to know about how you can do better (it’s good like that), so we recommend taking a little bit of time to slow down, listen, and adjust where needed.

Diversify your workouts

Utilize the longer days and warmer weather to try something new. Outdoor group exercise often offers everything from strength training to cardio to proper stretching and even endurance. If you’re a runner, try getting in some cycling and yoga to increase strength and mobility. Maybe spin class is your jam. Join a frisbee or soccer league. Whatever shape you’re in, diversifying workouts means taking a 360 degree approach to good health.