Our Founder

Founder & Cancer Survivor

At Orgain, we’re positive that good, clean nutrition has the power to change lives. We believe that healthy, organic foods can taste amazing and that eating better doesn’t have to mean eating boring. Most of all, we know that ingredients made from real foods make a real difference.

With humble beginnings in a home blender, Orgain was created by Dr. Andrew Abraham, an integrative medicine specialist, cancer survivor, and self-proclaimed kitchen chemist.

Throughout treatment for cancer, Andrew saw a need for a nutritional shake made from all-natural, food-based ingredients and took it upon himself to be the first the make it. From those overflowing blenders, Andrew found a new lease on life and a passion for nutritional science. Hailing from a family of physicians, he entered the medical field and became Dr. Abraham.

Years later, he would take his purpose to help as many people as possible to the next level by leaving his medical practice to start Orgain. Now, his purpose, passion, and relentlessly high standards for our product guide everything we do today.

Our Story


Putting the good in good, clean nutrition™.

We believe clean nutrition is the key to living a healthy, vibrant life. Our founder set out to craft the most nutritious products possible. His goal? To make good, clean nutrition accessible to everyone. Today we carry this mission through every one of our products, and through philanthropic initiatives. Keep an eye out for programs to come! Some of our past programs include Shakes for Heroes – donating over 100,000 Clean Protein shakes to our Healthcare heroes on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic, and our Grants for Greater Good program – granting three worthy start-ups $50,000 each to continue their work supporting healthy, vibrant lives. When we say good we mean it.