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Gain Strength

The importance of post workout protein for recovery

We all know that what you eat and drink is incredibly important when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. However, timing of when you eat and drink is often more critical. One of those crucial times is immediately post workout. During an intense workout, we damage tissues at the microlevel and we use energy. Post workout nutrition is essential for many reasons. A few of them being to replenish energy stores, decrease protein breakdown and repair any damage caused by the workout. There are two major things your body will typically need after a workout. Protein and carbohydrates. Carbs to help replace muscle glycogen and protein to help repair and rebuild your muscles. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to refuel after a workout is a protein shake! The amount of carbs and protein you need depends on several factors including the workout itself, your training schedule, your body composition and goals, but most people will reap huge rewards from 20-25 grams of protein immediately after a workout. Thankfully, the new Orgain 21g protein shakes work perfectly! So remember, it’s great to put in work at the gym, but your body won’t reap the benefits, and could even suffer, if you don’t rebuild properly. Be consistent with your post workout nutrition and you will be amazed at what you can achieve! Happy Recovery! Sierra Follow me online! Instagram Facebook Website

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