It was a shared belief and mission to ensure everyone has access to clean, nutritious food that prompted our #ShakeHunger partnership with WhyHunger in 2018. Together, Orgain founder, Andrew Abraham, and WhyHunger Executive Director, Noreen Springstead, launched a partnership to help close the hunger gap with clean, organic nutrition.

To support WhyHunger, Orgain worked to make the biggest impact possible through:

  1. Money. No nonprofit can do the good work they do without proper funding. That’s why we launched a flavor that would give back to support WhyHunger’s great work. In 2018 we launched our Bananas & Cream Organic Nutrition Shake. For the entire year, Orgain donated $1 for every 4-pack sold and $3 for every 12-pack of Bananas & Cream sold to WhyHunger in an effort to ensure everyone has access to clean, organic nutrition.
    By the end of 2018, we donated $50,000 to WhyHunger. These funds enabled more than 295,000 people to access nutritious food via WhyHunger’s hunger hotline, supported a 10% growth of their national hunger database (the database that helps those in need find a food pantry near them), and supported the growth of their growing alliance of food banks, food pantries and soup kitchens nationwide.
  2. Awareness. We can’t solve world hunger alone. To support the work of WhyHunger, we generated an awareness campaign: #ShakeHunger. The purpose of the #ShakeHunger campaign was to reveal the depth of the hunger problem we have in the US, to educate our communities on the alarming facts, and to ultimately prompt individuals to take action – donating time and/or money.
    The #ShakeHunger campaign generated over 20,000 actions from engaged fans and garnered hundreds of thousands of impressions through the power of social media. Thanks to the actions of these individuals, more people are able to understand the deep-rooted issue of hunger and what they need to do to be a part of the solution to end hunger for good.
  3. Nutrition. The very essence of this campaign is to ensure everyone has access to clean, nutritious food. For every action taken through the #ShakeHunger campaign, we donated an Organic Nutrition Shake to a US Food Bank. We made giving easy. As easy as taking a quiz, posting an image, or sharing a fact.
    Thanks to the actions of those who engaged in the #ShakeHunger campaign, we donated over 72,000 shakes to US Food Banks in 2019. These shakes offered 72,000 people access to clean, organic nutrition.

We’re proud of the contributions our community made to WhyHunger, and we thank our fans and community for supporting this partnership. The solve to issues as deep-seeded as hunger don’t lay in the hands on any one person, organization, or business, but in a cohesive community that comes together to change business as usual. It feels good to do good, so we hope you’ll stay engaged to supporting the good work of organizations like WhyHunger. We certainly will.