Introducing Orgain Collagen Zero Powder

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Introducing Orgain Collagen Zero Powder

Introducing our new Orgain Collagen Zero Protein Powder which contains all the benefits of our Collagen Peptides Powder, dressed up in two stunningly delicious flavors, chocolate and vanilla. We’ve taken the boring out of collagen and added big flavor to make supplementing with collagen even easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Here some key things to point out about our Collagen Zero Protein Powder:

  • 20g of high-quality collagen peptides
  • 90 calories
  • Zero sugar
  • Sensational taste
  • Unique amino acid profile that supports collagen production
  • Made without soy ingredients
  • Made without dairy ingredients
  • Made without lactose ingredients

What’s Inside

Collagen Zero Protein Powder packs 20g of Type I and III collagen peptides sourced from pasture-raised cows.

Type I: is the most abundant collagen in the body and is found in the skin, bones, ligaments and tendons.

Type III: is the most prevalent in skin, blood vessels, and internal organs. It’s often found alongside Type I collagen, as well as in muscles, organs, arteries, and some connective tissues in the liver, spleen, and more.1

Beyond the type of collagen, is the unique makeup of the protein itself. Collagen contains higher levels of specific amino acids glycine (Gly), hydroxyproline (Hyp), proline (Pro) and alanine (Ala), all of which help support your body’s ability to produce its own collagen.

The body makes its own collagen, but production slows as you age, especially after your 30’s, contributing to skin wrinkling, joint discomfort and more. Unfortunately, we can’t stop collagen from breaking down, but we can make dietary changes to lessen the impact and support its natural production. One way to do that is by increasing our intake of dietary collagen.

Adding a collagen supplement to your dietary regimen can offer a host of benefits:

Radiant Youthful Skin: Studies have found that collagen supplementation has been associated with improvements in skin elasticity, moisture, and firmness.2,3 Thus, improving skins appearance and reducing the presence of wrinkles. Sure, you can smooth those wrinkles with the help of social media filters, but if you’re interested in real-life results (aren’t we all), a collagen supplement may be your ticket.

Strong, Flawless Nails: As collagen production naturally declines, nails weaken and become brittle over time. A recent study found that routine supplementation supported nail health, helping them to grow faster and stronger.4

Healthy Bones & Joints: Collagen has been shown to help reduce pain and improve function for those with arthritic conditions.5 It even improved joint pain in athletes during exercise.6

Muscle Gain & Strength: Collagen supplementation contributes to total protein intake and has been shown to be helpful for supporting muscle mass and strength when combined with resistance training and beneficial amino acids.7

When to Use It

The options are endless. Collagen can be taken any time of day. The key is in consistency. For best results, we recommend using it daily.

How Much to Take

We recommend one serving (2 scoops), which provides 20g of collagen as the optimal amount for best results. Remember, more isn’t necessarily better. We encourage a balanced, varied diet to ensure you are getting adequate amino acids from alternative protein sources.

How to Use It

Orgain Collagen Zero Protein Powder mixes easily into any food or beverage. It’s soluble in hot and cold liquid, so it can easily be incorporated into any beverage or food of your choosing. One of the most popular ways to enjoy this product is by simply mixing it with your preferred liquid in a shaker bottle or adding it to a blender with your favorite smoothie ingredients.

If you are considering a collagen supplement and haven't tried our NEW Collagen Zero Protein Powder, we highly recommend you give it a try!

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