Here at Orgain, we talk a lot about complete nutrition, clean protein, and the many tasty ways you can incorporate shakes into your daily routine. Figuring out whether you need a protein shake or a nutritional shake is an important step in meeting your unique health needs and goals. While a protein shake and a nutritional shake sound similar, they are not necessarily interchangeable and their components are unique. For example, a protein powder is primarily a solid protein delivery system while a nutritional powder is formulated to be an appropriate meal replacement or supplemental source of calories and nutrients when needed.

Dr. Andrew Abraham founded Orgain and formulated protein and nutritional powders to be full of clean, high quality, and wholesome ingredients to provide the nutrition people need, whether on a daily basis or to support certain physical needs, such as recovering from cancer. After his own cancer journey, Dr. Abraham realized there was a hole in the market for truly clean, delicious, and complete nutritional shakes and organic protein powders and decided to channel his energy and efforts towards changing that.

Figuring out which type of shake is right for you means considering your body’s specific needs.** Protein shakes are an ideal snack for athletes looking to increase muscle mass and tone after strenuous exercise during runs, sports, or other physically demanding activity. Organic protein powder is also a great base for a breakfast smoothie - simply add your favorite fruits, veggies, and more to make a complete meal in your blender. Protein shakes and smoothies not only give your body the fuel it needs, they also support muscle recovery, help to balance blood sugar, and maintain energy for active lifestyles.  

On the other hand, nutritional shakes are higher in calories and formulated to replace meals when trying to lose weight or they can serve as a complete source of nutrition when recovering from extended illness, surgery, or to gain weight as needed. In addition to being high in protein, Orgain nutritional shakes and powders are formulated with whole food ingredients like greens, blueberries, and other veggies, whole grains, vitamins, and minerals. Each nutritional shake provides 255 nutrient-dense calories and has all the key macro and micro nutrients including organic protein, organic carbohydrates, and organic monounsaturated fat an average adult requires in a healthy meal.

Whether creating a weight loss plan or mapping out the road to physical recovery, and for those busy days when lunch seems like a pipe dream, Orgain nutritional powders and shakes are there to deliver clean and scrumptious complete nutrition to support your unique needs. Incorporating Orgain nutritional and protein shakes into your life can be a simple way to ensure you get the delicious nourishment you need to live your best life. We are honored to be part of your health journey - Cheers!

** It’s always a good idea to chat with your doctor or to email for more information!