You already know that Orgain provides clean organic nutrition, so don't forget about us when it's time to think about all your extra nutrient needs during pregnancy! Orgain is certified organic so free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, colors and GMOs. We have thousands of moms that have emailed us fantastic feedback on Orgain during their pregnancies and even after while breastfeeding. Of course, everyone's pregnancy is unique and, as always, we recommend checking with your healthcare team to make sure Orgain is right for you. After that, we're here to help! Here are 5 Reasons For Orgain During Pregnancy & Beyond: Key nutrients It's pretty amazing that your body is capable of growing a baby! Even more mind-blowing is that it all happens without anyone telling it to release this hormone or start growing that tissue. Your biggest focus (barring all the preparation outside of your womb!) is making sure your body has the right fuel to take over. Protein is at the top of that list. It's necessary for fetal tissue growth, including your baby's brain. You also need protein for your own body to get bigger, including breast & uterine tissue. Getting bigger inevitably means you'll need more blood supply, which protein also plays a part in. Calcium will help you regulate fluids and help your baby develop strong bones and tooth buds. One of our complete Organic Nutritional Shakes may come in handy for both protein and calcium. Iron plays a key role, along side sodium, potassium and water, to increase that blood supply and keep you from becoming anemic. Greens are a good source. Folate is important for the very beginnings of your child's brain and spinal chord, so proper folate intake can greatly reduce the risk of birth defects. Find it in dark green leafy vegetables and in fruit. Vitamin C helps with wound healing and metabolic processes as well as tooth and bone development. Fruits and veggies are, again, a great source. Don't forget that one scoop of Organic Superfoods Powder contains 50 organic superfoods, including organic fruits and veggies and greens! Organic! All the above nutrients are important and if you can get them all organic, that's even better. Why risk any potential effects of pesticides or GMOs, or anything artificial? You have enough to focus on without adding any additional worries to your (literal) plate! Convenience Well, life doesn't stop for you and magic you're making in your belly! It can be difficult to focus on extra nutrition ON TOP OF everything that carries over from your pre-pregnancy life. Whether it's work, family, added doctor appointments, wellness treatments or just because you need more sleep (you ARE incubating a human, after all), or maybe you just move (aka waddle) a little more slowly, chances are you're short on time. Orgain ready-to-drink Nutritional Shakes are easy to grab and easy to take along with you on your busy day. Morning sickness & appetite changes Even if you DO pay special attention to what you eat, that doesn't mean you'll necessarily keep it down. Unfortunately, morning sickness (general nausea & vomiting) is something most pregnant women experience. Even less fortunate is the fact that "morning sickness" is a misnomer as it can last throughout the day or night. Additionally, your appetite will probably change and what used to be a favorite snack might become a source of more nausea. Regardless, you'll likely need to get more out of everything you consume. It helps to have smaller, frequent meals to keep your stomach from ever being completely empty. That hunger/thirst trigger could easily make you queasy. Keep high protein snacks on hand, like our Organic Protein Bars. A few bites here and there can go a long way. Also remember to eat slowly. Strong smells, even good fragrances, can also bring on nausea; try having cold or room temperature foods and drinks as they tend to have a weaker aroma. Keep a nice cold Orgain ready-to-drink shake in your fridge, or have one made with our Organic Protein Powder. Breastfeeding Once your baby is born, what you eat will still be passed on if you're breastfeeding. You'll also need to consume more calories in order to produce milk. And, you'll probably still, even moreso, be short on time as you adjust to life with your new little one. Orgain's convenient organic nutrition helps you take care of yourself while taking care of Baby. We've also received questions from new moms who are ready to get back into shape after giving birth. Specific to weight loss, the key is nutrient dense calories while still making sure you are getting more than adequate nutrition to support breastfeeding. We highly encourage you to monitor your caloric intake and adjust down accordingly using our organic all-in-one nutritional shakes. To start, we recommend replacing one otherwise unhealthy meal with an Orgain shake and supplementing with protein rich snacks such as almonds when hungry. Make sure you are drinking plenty of pure filtered water daily and incorporating a metabolism boosting activity a few times a day (i.e walking for 10 minutes 3x a day). Again, we recommend you check with your healthcare team to ensure that Orgain is right for you and to ensure that you are receiving the ideal caloric intake to ensure adequate milk supply while meeting your weight loss goals. Otherwise, congratulations, best of luck and... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!