4 Tasty Easy To Make Holiday Mocktail Recipes

While we often equate holidays with drinking alcohol, there are plenty of ways to celebrate that don’t involve a hangover. These five tasty easy-to-make holiday mocktail recipes are sure to be a hit at your next holiday gathering.

Mango Sangria Spritzer

Whether you’re looking to infuse the taste of summer into your winter holiday gatherings or are hosting a barbecue on the Fourth of July, this mango sangria spritzer is sure to hit the spot.

Made with sparkling water, Orgain Mango Hydro Boost, and thinly sliced lemon, lime, orange, red apple, and mango, this bubbly beverage is as delicious as it is refreshing. Even better, it’s incredibly hydrating thanks to the addition of electrolytes in the form of Orgain’s popular Hydro Boost blend.

Blue(berry) Mojito Spritzer

Nothing says summer quite like the tangy combination of mint and berry found in this blue(berry) mojito spritzer.

Elevate your Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day barbecues with this simple mocktail made from sparkling water, Orgain Berry Hydro Boost, pomegranate juice, and fresh mint. Your taste buds will be delighted by this elegant mocktail that is a fun twist on a classic. The extra electrolytes are an added bonus on a hot summer day!

Immune-Supporting Bloody Mary Mocktail

A bloody mary is the perfect brunch cocktail no matter what time of year, but we think this immune-supporting bloody mary mocktail might be even better. It has all of the savory and spicy flavors you’ve come to expect from your favorite brunch beverage without the alcohol.

To make a round, combine low sodium tomato juice, dill pickle juice, fresh lemon juice, prepared horseradish, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, superfoods collagen peptides, celery seeds, cayenne pepper, and celery salt.

Add your preferred garnishes of choice and you’ve got a tangy beverage that’s sure to be a crowd favorite! Even better, the addition of collagen peptides supports healthy skin, hair, joints, and nails while the superfoods blend supports immune health.

Collagen Pomegranate Spritzer

If you’re looking for a sugar-free mocktail that is sure to be a hit no matter what time of year it is served, look no further than this collagen pomegranate spritzer.

Made with collagen peptides, your natural sweetener of choice, warm water, pomegranate juice, sparkling water, and fresh mint, this decadent mocktail supports the health of your skin, hair, nails, and joints thanks to the addition of collagen.