It was my struggle with a rare form of tissue cancer when I was 17 that led me to truly understand how clean, organic nutrition is directly connected to our health and wellbeing.

Anyone who’s battled cancer, or known someone who has, knows that cancer treatment often suppresses your appetite and makes eating difficult. Nausea can be overwhelming, flavors and textures off, and foods you once found delicious may no longer be.

While undergoing treatment I suffered from severe malnutrition. Doctors recommended conventional “nutrition” shakes to rebuild my weight and strength, but the more I learned about the connection between nutrition and wellness, the more I understood that the ingredients that made up those shakes were not the answer. And so, my mom and I began blending our own organic smoothies at home.

To make a long story short, real food led to real results. My strength and my health slowly rebounded. To this day, I attribute my recovery to the shakes I made at home in my kitchen because they helped me be strong enough to withstand the cancer treatment I needed. Many years later, those shakes became the very first Orgain product. I founded Orgain to ensure that the clean, high quality organic nutrition shakes that helped me regain my health (and my life) could be an accessible option for others who need it.  While Orgain products are now used by people of all walks of life, and varied levels of health and fitness, I am proudest that we are able to provide some help to people battling cancer and other illnesses.

I couldn’t be more passionate about what we do at Orgain, and I hope that the products our company makes – filled with passion and purpose- support you in your journey to live a healthy, vibrant life.   

In Good Health,


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