We love trying new things and staying on top of the latest fitness trends. With so many fun ways to move, who wouldn’t? This fall, we are taking advantage of cooler weather with crisp morning runs and hikes showcasing changing leaves. We’re also upping our game with clever workout hacks and accessories to keep our fitness routines interesting. So, whether you are a Crossfit champ or a hot yoga lover, check out these workout tools we’re all about right now!

Resistance bands: Make body-weight exercises a bit more challenging with a band. Bands come in a whole spectrum of resistance strengths and their lightweight portability means you can whip them out first thing in the morning or on your next trip. In 20 moves, you can strengthen and tone your whole body (leaving your living room is optional).

Recovery Rounds: Similar to using tennis balls to pin point and roll out areas of soreness, RAD Recovery Rounds are soft-firm silicon balls you can use during yoga or a serious stretch session to soothe tense fascia. Pain isn’t necessarily required to gain: Recovery Rounds can gently ease the recovery process, stimulating the body’s soft connective tissue to help you feel better and stronger, faster.

Pilates ring: Used to challenge and identify various muscle groups, the Pilates ring is great for improving your form and engaging your body’s center. They come in a range of materials so figure out whether a metal or rubber ring is ideal for you and then try this standing leg press to tone and strengthen!

There’s an app for that: These favorite fitness trainer approved apps make working out fun and tracking your progress easy. Plus, they push us to challenge ourselves, keeping things interesting so we don’t fall into a rut. Some apps are designed to help with weight loss or tracking health stats while others are focused on optimizing your run or high intensity interval workouts in just seven minutes a day (!).