Expectant mamas get plenty of advice about what they should and shouldn’t be doing, and sometimes they even get a chance to ask for it! Snarky jokes aside, we want to support you in having a wonderful, healthy summer, filled with fun ways to stay active as your bump grows. There are plenty of activities and variations on summer favorites that mean you won’t have to miss out on the fun, here are six of our favorites!

  1. Long walks on the beach… okay, maybe it’s cheesy but seriously, long walks in the morning and early evenings after the heat of the day are ideal for the hottest months and the views will be worth the cliché.
  2. Swimming- yep, no real modifications needed here. Enjoy laps as you normally would or splash in the waves at the beach or lake, reveling in the cool water and the feeling of weightlessness. Swimming is great for cardiovascular health, strengthening and lengthening muscles, as well as developing lung strength in a low-impact environment.
  3. Yoga for mamas-to-be is modified for pregnant women’s changing bodies and needs, with flows and postures that develop strength you’ll draw on before, during, and after the birth of your little one. It’s also a sweet way to connect with other yogi-mamas!
  4. Eat chilly treats! Sometimes it’s difficult to eat at the best of times during pregnancy, let alone on the hottest days. Keep your kitchen stocked with frozen bananas for nice cream, fruit, Orgain complete nutrition powder, and plenty of ice for smoothies, protein shakes, and tropical turmeric popsicles that offer both nutrition and the best tastes of summer.
  5. Hiking is still on the itinerary, just get out during cooler times of day and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Don’t overdo it with an ultra-strenuous hike, instead, enjoy a scenic trail comfortably.
  6. Light jogging… if you have always been a runner and you can’t imagine not running for the next 9 months, don’t worry. Light jogging should be safe as long as you check with your doctor and keep yourself from overheating. Otherwise, enjoy!

**As always, be sure to talk with your doctor or healthcare provider to make sure your summer plans and activities are healthy for you and your baby**