Weddings, soccer games, dance camp, barbecues, work, spin class, meal planning… your summer calendar’s set but that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to do it all. Maintaining your health and fitness routine is a commitment but it doesn’t have to be hard. Keep your wellness habits on track with these summer meal planning tips for a happy, healthy season on the go.

  1. Pack your protein ahead. Avoid the morning scramble by making a week’s worth of overnight protein oats or chia pudding for the ultimate in grab-and-go breakfast while trusty Orgain ready to drink protein and nutritional shakes are always filling and delicious. Also consider making your post workout smoothie or lunch salad the night before to ensure you’ve got plenty of protein to fuel a busy day. 
  1. Grocery delivery at your vacation destination. It can be a pretty rough start to a vacation getaway when you are stressed about filling the cooler, getting the kids in the backseat, and making sure everyone packed their toothbrush. Skip out on packed grocery stores and the temptation of unhealthy impulse snack purchases by setting up a grocery delivery service at your destination instead. This way you don’t have to sacrifice, time, nutrition or your sanity to eat well on your trip!
  1. Build meals around seasonal produce. Head to the farmers market or the produce aisle and build your meals from there. Think lettuce wraps, giant salads, grilled veggie skewers, portobello burgers, fruit salad, smoothies, and homemade popsicles studded with juicy hunks of fruit. The common denominator here is minimal preparation for maximum nutrition and flavor. 
  1. Hydrate! Research shows that the brain sometimes confuses the body’s signals for thirst and hunger. Before reaching for another snack when you feel hungry, try sipping some cool water or this superfoods coconut water instead. Check in with your body a few minutes later and you may just find that quenching your thirst also satisfies your itch to snack. 
  1. Plan splurges accordingly. Being gentle with yourself and making room for a yummy treat will keep you from feeling deprived and strengthen your good habits over time - which is what living an active, healthy lifestyle is all about. Mindfully choose when you want to enjoy a handful of potato chips, an ice cream cone at the boardwalk, or a s’mores by the campfire. If you find you’ve overindulged, simply start the day with a green smoothie, stay hydrated, and embrace a new active summer day.