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Weight Management

Springtime Meal Prep Tips

Who else is ready to spring clean? Along with our closets and pantries, it’s time to hit the refresh button on those health and wellness routines. Meal prep is a great tool to keep you operating with health, purpose, and efficiency!

Simplify your mornings

Is it just us or does a balanced and filling morning meal sometimes seem impossible? Let’s remember the K.I.S.S method: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart! Overnight oats and chia seed pudding is all the rage for good reason. They’re simple, healthy recipes that produce a grab-and-go treat for even the busiest people. If you’re looking for a recipe that really packs in the protein with the ease of overnight oats, try our Two Ingredient Chocolate Overnight Proats. This one is perfect for the cup holder in the car and the kid’s school lunches.

Make a list and check it twice

Grocery stores are designed to flood you with choices, which can often lead to over-purchasing and unhealthy impulse buys. Sticking to a list is a simple way to stick with your nutrition plan and save a little money. Ready to up your list-making game? There’s an endless amount of online healthy, meal-prep lists that will keep you from shopping mindlessly.

Don’t save it for a rainy day

Plan one day each week to prep with your partner, friend, family, or kiddos. The more you get others involved, the more motivated and productive you might feel. Don’t be afraid to get messy, either. Turn on some music and let the kids go wild! Let them pick their favorite healthy snacks and write little notes to include with each. Meal prepping alone? Then multitask! Podcasts, music, audiobook, or maybe even your favorite old movie in the backdrop can make any meal prep day something to look forward to.

Your freezer is your friend

There will be those nights, especially as the warmer weather lingers into the evenings, that you won’t want to be indoors until well after dinner time. Save yourself the trouble of having to whip up something quick and store some savory soups in the freezer. Give our Orgain Curried Carrot Cleansing Soup a try. It freezes perfectly and only takes a few minutes to heat up on the stove. Looking for more helpful meal prep tips to keep you happy and healthy for National Nutrition Month? Check out this list of easy tips for eating healthy on the run. We know you’re busy and that’s okay. Now off you go!

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