Sierra Nielsen for Orgain: Power of Habit, Consistency and Staying Motivated

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Sierra Nielsen for Orgain: Power of Habit, Consistency and Staying Motivated

By Sierra Nielsen Simply put, your life is the sum of the choices you continually make. Those choices over time become habit. Habit is where real change happens.     What you repeatedly do will ultimately determine the person you will become and the life you will lead. It’s absolutely normal to want to give up on a new routine because it takes too much time, it’s too difficult, or because you’re tired. We’ve all been there. Staying motivated seems a lot easier than it actually is. Here are a few tips you should consider to help you stay on track:  

#1 Remember your “Why”

Whenever you get sidetracked or feel like giving up, remind yourself why you started this journey in the first place. With a genuine purpose for why you want to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle, making it a habit will be much easier. It will also make it much more enjoyable and worthwhile in the long run.   

#2 Routine

Make sure you have a routine and schedule in place. Just like you would schedule time for your work meetings, personal appointments or kids’ soccer games, make it a habit to lock in time on your calendar for your workouts and time to prep healthy meals.   

#3 Start Small

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to make massive changes in your life and wanting to see big results immediately. But sometimes it’s best to start small. For example, if you are someone who hasn’t been to the gym in years and all of a sudden decide to jump into high-gear and go to the gym 5-6 times a week, chances are you are going to burn out and go back to your normal routine a couple weeks in. Instead, start by committing yourself to 1-2 days a week and build up from there. If your diet is a disaster, maybe start with first cutting out a few things like your daily sodas and extra processed snacks, and as you start feeling better (and you will!) consider incorporating more whole foods and leafy greens.    

#4 Find an Accountability Partner  

There is nothing worse than trying to start eating healthier or sticking to a fitness routine when everyone around you is still scarfing down Oreos and skipping the gym to watch TV. Find someone in your life who is willing to help keep you on track, motivate and encourage you along the way.  

#5 Appreciate Where You Are In Your Journey

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to constantly focus on how far you have to go versus celebrating where you are in your journey. Be patient with yourself and your body. Don’t be the person that gives up after only a few short weeks because you didn’t see enough change. Be the person who appreciates the progress you are making and makes a commitment to creating new positive habits long-term. Stop being so hard on yourself and give yourself some credit once in awhile!

#6 Reward Yourself!

Don’t deprive yourself completely! Every so often, have that glass of wine or slice of birthday cake, or maybe even go for the popcorn when you’re at the movie theater. You deserve to celebrate every now and then! Never forget that great things take time and persistence. So don’t think of this new resolution as going on a “diet” or trying a quick fix in the gym. Think of it as beginning a healthy lifestyle and making positive, lasting changes. Think of it as a step toward becoming the very best version of yourself, both inside and out. You deserve it!   Xo,  Sierra     

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