At Orgain, we are daring to dream big and help tackle poverty and provide access to nourishing food for underserved communities. Our new partners at WhyHunger have helped magnify the impact of community-based solutions, and Orgain is on board to promote their work through advocacy, information-sharing, and direct product and monetary donation.

Imagine a world without hunger.

For Orgain, considering nourishment is a key factor in tackling hunger. There is enough food to feed the world, and yet underserved communities continue to struggle for lack of access to real, nourishing food. Finding the right partner in fighting hunger was a big undertaking, and we were immediately inspired by the viable, impact-driven, and forward-thinking work of WhyHunger. How big of a factor is nutrition in solving hunger? It seems obvious that hunger and nutrition are linked. Yet underserved communities, both rural and urban, are finding it more and more difficult to find fresh produce, low-sodium and low-sugar options, or anything other than highly processed chips, sodas, or canned pasta. These ‘food deserts”, defined as an area where it is difficult to find affordable fresh and healthy food, are perpetuating the poverty problem. When you can’t access healthy, nutritious food, your health suffers. When your health suffers, it is increasingly difficult to work, pay bills, or take care of your kids or loved ones. All of this contributes to the growing rate of people struggling to stay above the poverty line in the US.

Here’s how we are lending a hand

Today, 40+ million Americans live below the poverty line. Those who rely on food pantries to get their weekly groceries may have diet-related diseases, and need nutritious foods that are low in sugar, fat, and salt. That’s where we saw an opportunity to help. With the Orgain #ShakeHunger campaign, we have decided to step up and donate Nutritional Shakes and funding to help WhyHunger provide better access to healthy nutrition in local food pantries across the country. For every social share from our community and purchase of Orgain Bananas & Cream Nutritional Shake 4-packs, Orgain is donating to WhyHunger. 

Fighting for food security

#ShakeHunger is about more than our donation to WhyHunger. It’s about expanding our dedication to providing delicious, convenient and high-quality nutrition that inspires healthy, vibrant lives everywhere. We hope you will join us in support of WhyHunger’s fight for food security on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or simply make a donation. Together we can #ShakeHunger! Visit to help.