“When it comes to hunger and health, there is a big difference between feeding and nourishing.” -A Path Forward by WhyHunger The root causes of hunger are complicated, and organizations like WhyHunger are working to do more than just fill bellies, they are building grassroots efforts to rework the systems that leave people without access to food, land, water and sustainable livelihoods. This long-view approach to defeating hunger in the U.S. and abroad caught our attention, and that is why Orgain is partnering with WhyHunger on the #ShakeHunger campaign. Our goal in this partnership is to drive awareness around the root causes of hunger and how we can each participate in solutions, as well as donate resources to WhyHunger’s programming.

How can you get involved?

WhyHunger is creating global change by supporting grassroots efforts in local communities. Are you already involved in your local soup kitchen or food bank? Consider adding the program you support to the WhyHunger database so that those in need can easily access resources locally. Looking for more ways to help #ShakeHunger? Here are a few options.

Share #ShakeHunger content with @drinkorgain

Look to our social channels for opportunities to share infographics and information about hunger in the U.S. When you help us spread the word, we’ll donate one Bananas & Cream Nutritional Shake per share to WhyHunger! Visit orgain.com/shakehunger for more.

Organize a House Concert!

Live music is a great way to raise funds and create positive change within your community. Plus, music! WhyHunger helps organize and support house concerts all over the country to raise money and build enthusiasm for social change. To learn more about how easy and fun this activation can be, check out Homemade Jams: 100 House Concerts to End Hunger.

Donate REAL FOOD to your local food bank!

Real, nourishing food can be hard to find at food banks. Many donations are made up of heavily processed foods that don’t carry the nutrients of fresh, leafy greens, whole grain breads, beans, fruits and veggies. There is a common misconception that donations need to be non-perishable, but in truth most food banks are looking for the nutrient-dense foods that keep brains and bodies healthy and nourished. Call your local food bank today and ask them what they need!

Help people find their voice

There are success stories and simple acts of food sovereignty that deserve to be part of the narrative. Talk about the good work that those in your community are doing. Tell their stories and cheer them on. Those who are working to survive every day may not have time or resources to make their stories known, but with your help and that of programs like WhyHunger, the narrative is changing. Storytelling is a powerful tool for change, and whether you are talking to co-workers, sharing on Facebook, or writing the stories yourself, it matters.