Ever wonder what people mean when they say they eat a plant based diet or prefer grass fed dairy over conventional? It’s no secret that food labels can make it awfully tricky to decipher healthy ingredients from the junky kind. Orgain was founded by Dr. Andrew Abraham to make scrumptiously healthy protein convenient and easy to understand, clean and simple. Before surrendering to confusion and competing terms, let’s talk about the differences and merits of both plant based and grass fed protein.

Plant based proteins are derived from, you guessed it, plants. Many times, this means whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes like peas and soybeans. It’s important to consume organic produce and plant protein to decrease your exposure to toxins like agricultural pesticides and herbicides, which some recent research links to increased risk of cancer as well as contributing to environmental pollution. Vegans, vegetarians, and those wishing to reduce their intake of animal products reach for organic plant based protein to supply their bodies with the three key macronutrients needed to build and repair muscles, hair, nails - including protein, fat and carbohydrate - and even to regulate blood sugar and maintain a healthy weight and appetite. We write often about the importance of protein and macronutrients for adults and kids alike because not getting enough protein can lead to fatigue, trouble managing weight, and even cognitive function and school performance.

Plant based protein powders are an excellent way for vegans and vegetarians to increase their protein intake because they offer a hefty portion of protein similar to and sometimes higher than, many animal proteins. However, it is important to note that many protein powders marketing themselves as a significant source of protein can actually be filled with not-so-great added sugars and poor-quality protein. That’s why Orgain’s Organic Plant Based Protein powders are formulated with organic sprouted brown rice and pea protein and other premium organic produce and ingredients. Not only are Orgain shakes and protein powders ultra-smooth and creamy, they offer 21 grams of plant based protein to keep you feeling strong and healthy without having to rely on dairy or meat.

If you are looking for a whey protein powder, it’s important that it be from grass fed animals. Grass fed protein refers to animal products like dairy, whey, and collagen peptides obtained from animals fed their natural diet of grass rather than GMO-grains like corn and soy (along with hormones and antibiotics). Diets and additives like these disrupt grazing animals’ development and healthy digestion and can even be stored in the human body after consumption. Grass fed whey, dairy, meat, and collagen are cleaner protein sources because when grazing animals eat what they biologically need, what they produce is more nutrient dense and beneficial to our health. Orgain is committed to using the highest quality grass fed whey in our whey protein powder because we know you need the best to feel your best. All of Orgain’s collagen and whey protein is grass fed, with no added sugar and definitely no antibiotics or hormones.

The bottom line is that you are what you eat. Eating clean protein from organic plants and grass fed animals is healthier because the products you put into your body shouldn’t be pumped full of GMOs, antibiotics, or be sprayed with toxic pesticides and herbicides. We take our commitment to your health and to the planet seriously, which is why we offer the cleanest, creamiest organic plant based and grass fed whey protein powders around. Plus, our labels are easy to read since we keep them short, clean, and simple. Now that you know the scoop on plant based and grass fed protein, you can feel confident in choosing the right protein for your diet and needs, no more deciphering necessary.