Here at Orgain, we take pride in how picky we are. After all, it's this very pickiness that dictates the high standard we hold our products to, for the sake of your health and ours. True, we are picky with our protein powder, just like we are picky with our ingredients ... but in what other strange ways are we picky? Today's Picky Profile brings you Christina N., Director of Retail for Orgain. Why is Orgain's Protein Powder better than other brands? It's smooth and tastes great!
How do you use your Orgain Protein Powder? In smoothies and with water.
Tell us your strangest, funniest or most embarrassing picky moments in life.
Ice cream!A pint of ice cream should be eaten by scraping the spoon across the top, not jamming the spoon in randomly. I will not share my pint of ice cream with my husband, he is a spoon jammer.