Here at Orgain, we take pride in how picky we are. After all, it's this very pickiness that dictates the high standard we hold our products to, for the sake of your health and ours. True, we are picky with our protein powder, just like we are picky with our ingredients ... but in what other strange ways are we picky? Today's Picky Profile brings you Amy E., Marketing consultant for Orgain. How do you contribute to Orgain's pickiness and high standards as a company and with their protein powders and products?
I try make everything I say and do for Orgain as precise and thoughtful as the product formulations. If it's not true or totally accurate, I don't say it or write it. Honesty and transparency are a key part of how Orgain operates.
Why is Orgain's Protein Powder better than other brands?
It blends easily and tastes pretty darn good. It's also got really clean ingredients.
How do you use your Orgain Protein Powder?
Mixed with milk, water, and ice in a blender bottle. Usually as an afternoon snack.
Tell us your strangest, funniest or most embarrassing picky moments in life.
I'm a germophobe. So, I have a pack of hand wipes (and sometimes two) with me at all times, and I've been known to re-wipe tables at restaurants and coffee shops before sitting down at them. My poor children have also been trained and regularly ask for wet wipe when their hands are sticky or dirty. We went to the town fair a few days ago, and I think I went through a pack and a half of wipes in two hours!