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Inside Orgain

Picky Profiles: Alex M.

Here at Orgain, we take pride in how picky we are. After all, it's this very pickiness that dictates the high standard we hold our products to, for the sake of your health and ours. True, we are picky with our protein powder, just like we are picky with our ingredients ... but in what other strange ways are we picky? Today's Picky Profile brings you Alex M., Community Manager for Orgain. How do you contribute to Orgain's pickiness and high standards as a company and with their protein powders and products?
We get a ton of questions from our FaceBook fans and Instagram and Twitter followers and they rely on us for answers based on all of their needs. I am picky about getting them all of the information they need regarding Orgain and their health as quickly as possible.
Why is Orgain's Protein Powder better than other brands?
Because it's organic and takes good and has lots more nutrition than I would otherwise get.
How do you use your Orgain Protein Powder?
Just Orgain Almond Milk in a blender bottle. Plain and simple.
Tell us your strangest, funniest or most embarrassing picky moments in life.
I organize my bookshelf by color ... is that picky? I'm always on the lookout for a good green book because that's the section that needs the most help. I only like drinking water out of my water bottle at room temp. I always drink my coffee out of a mug but never hold it by the handle because it bothers my wrist. Unless it's a latte. That's different. I only like specific hot sauces with specific dishes. When I eat chips and salsa, I like to set up chips one by one and leave them sitting in the salsa to get just the right amount of soggy. My boyfriend calls them "salsa sharks" because I leave a corner sticking out so I can pick them up more easily. I only like reading hardcover books because they feel better in my hand and the pages stay open better. I only run in shorts, even in the rain. I have a specific beach blankie set up that includes a pillow formed out of sand and a scoop to fit my booty so I can lie down more comfy.

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