The end of the year is here, time to look back! It’s great to reflect on all the good things that happened, and an excellent way to do that is through your top Instagram posts. This year, Orgain got to see what you liked the most through Instagram, and that snapshot shows favorite snacks for you and for kids, activities and charities, and recipes with organic vegan protein. So for a little nostalgia, and inspiration for next year, take a look at our best nine on Instagram for 2019:

  1. This gazpacho recipe that supports joint health while making your nails and hair look great was one of the top Instagram posts of the past year. Why not try this fresh vegetable soup with collagen peptides powder again?
  2. Our 6 easy weekly lunch meal prep ideas were a huge hit during back-to-school season. Revisit our blog to stay on track with your nutrition goals during the holidays and into the new year!
  3. We put out the call for Orgain ambassadors and you answered! We’re looking forward to working with our passionate healthy lifestyle advocates all year long. Want to join the team? Here’s how to become an Orgain ambassador!
  4. You were “berry” excited about these Orgain Kids Strawberry ready-to-drink popsicles! This simple recipe was a favorite, and why not? It’s easy, delicious and sneakily healthy.
  5. The pull of outdoor adventure, fueled by organic vegan protein, was strong. You loved the call of the wild and the Simple Bar that will get you there.
  6. New shakes? Yes, please! This pic of/contest for our new Orgain Clean Plant-Based Protein shakes made the list of our best nine on Instagram for 2019.
  7. Who screams? You scream! We all scream for Nice Cream Sandwich Bars. Out of all our recipes with organic vegan protein, this was one of your favorites from last year.
  8. Back to school fuel looked cool on our Instagram. You loved this post with gluten-fee Kids Protein Organic Nutrition Shakes and Organic Kids O-Bars.
  9. You weren’t kidding about nutrition. This post about our support of the Whole Kids Foundation to get healthy veggies into local schools made it to the front of the class.
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