Whether you're looking to kickstart your running regiment or have several marathons under your belt, Orgain and Strava, the single biggest sports participation platform in the world have partnered to launch a national running challenge, inspiring athletes to build their endurance and reach their greatest potential.

The “Triple Down with Orgain” challenge will kick off on October 12, 2019, challenging the Strava community to run an average of three miles every day for two weeks (totaling 42 miles over 14 days). We believe that when we fuel better, we feel better and our goal is to provide clean nutrition solutions for athletes before, during and after workouts. That’s why Orgain will fuel everyone who completes the challenge with a special 30 percent discount code and a complimentary sample of its best-selling Organic Plant Based Powder. Finishers will also earn a new custom badge for their Strava trophy case.

Simultaneously, Orgain will launch its own Strava club, where runners can find a dedicated resource page featuring training tips, product details and upcoming news to help athletes make the most out of each workout and build healthy new habits.

Orgain is excited to see members of our community on the Strava leaderboard and welcome new participants into one of the most engaged communities of athletes in the world offering several different types of challenges in running, cycling and multisport.

Participants can sign up here and receive tips on how to integrate Orgain’s products into any diet at the Orgain blog.