Orgain's Organic Superfoods Powder contains 50 organic superfoods in every scoop, and one of those superfoods is the mighty strawberry. Known as one of the most popular and healthy foods on the planet, here are some of the reasons why we love strawberries:
  1. Strawberries may reduce the risk of heart disease.
  2. Strawberries may reduce the risk of strokes.
  3. Strawberries may reduce the risk of cancer.
  4. Strawberries are recommended to those with high blood pressure to help negate the effects of sodium in the body.
  5. Strawberries help keep bowel movements regular. The fiber in strawberries and other fruits and vegetables is essential for minimizing constipation and adding bulk to the stool.
  6. Strawberries help keep you hydrated.
  7. Several studies have shown that the incidence of asthma is lower with a high intake of certain nutrients, vitamin C being at the top of the list. It is believed that consuming strawberries may help to alleviate symptoms of allergies, including runny nose, watery eyes, and hives.
  8. Strawberries contain the key nutrient folic acid.
  9. Strawberries may also help fight depression. Folate prevents an excess of homocysteine from forming in the body, which can prevent blood and other nutrients from reaching the brain. Excess homocysteine also interferes with the production of the feel-good hormones serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which regulate not only mood, but also sleep and appetite.
Source: Medical News Today