Recycling has become second nature to many of us, with those distinguishable blue bins almost anywhere we go. And with the number of Orgain Organic Protein tubs we consume, we’re no strangers to recycling at home too. But what’s better than recycling those tubs? How about an Earth Day upcycling project that’s fun for the whole family? We give you - Orgain DIY Lego Man Lego Bins! Materials needed
  • Empty Orgain tub
  • Yellow/gold spray paint.
  • Newspaper or paper bags to use as drop cloth 
  • Black Sharpie marker or black paint (We chose a Sharpie for the quickness)
  • Legos/toys/cookies (?) to fill the tub! ;D
  • Lay out your newspaper, paper bags or whatever you are using that you don’t mind getting spray paint on. NOTE: Make sure you are spray painting outdoors on a non-windy day and away from the house. Be sure to read the instructions on how to use the spray paint you purchased
  • Take off the Orgain label on your empty tub
  • Keep the lid on your tub and lay the tub on its side on top of your drop cloth/paper 
  • Spray paint the side facing you
  • Let dry for 20min *Dry times may vary
  • Flip the tub after 20 minutes or when it’s dry
  • Spray the other side and wait 20 minutes again
  • Once dry keep in garage or somewhere safe overnight
  • The next day, use a pencil to sketch your lego face of choice onto the side of your now yellow tub
  • Once you’re satisfied with your sketched lego face, go over your sketch with Sharpie marker or black paint and fill in
  • If you need a white eye ball like we did simply scratch it out with something sharp like a key OR use white paint
  • Let your Sharpie or paint dry, then fill with toys! Your Lego Man Lego Bin is ready for use.