A child's hand reaches for an apple beside brightly painted containers labeled "Quinn's Bin" with an apple graphic, and "Brinley's Bites" with a carrot graphic. An orange, a pear, and an Organix Kids Protein chocolate drink are also on the table.

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Learn about food with after school snack bins

Ever start the week out with great intentions for good, healthy after school snacks, but by the time Wednesday rolls around it's out the window? We have an idea!

First, decorate your bin! Each kiddo should have their own. Every Sunday, spread one week's worth of healthy snack options out on the counter - fruits, veggie sticks, Orgain Kids Protein Shakes and Bars.

Now, it's time to make some decisions and stick to them! Fill your individual bin with five snacks, enough for one snack per day. Maybe Mom and Dad should make a bin for themselves too!

Now what? Everyone is responsible for his or her own snack choices for the rest of the week, but it has to come from their bin. Want to fill up on Monday or Tuesday? Consequences = no more snacks left for the rest of the week. What if my banana goes bad? Should have eaten it yesterday when it was still good!

Not only is this fun, but it takes a little pressure off parents. Additionally, this little game helps kids learn how to portion, avoid waste, as well as anticipate and understand their own food needs. Snacks don’t just grow on trees, ya know! OK, some of them do… 🍎

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