Summer is here, and as Derek Zoolander would say, “It’s so hot right now.” Depending on where you live, you could be dealing with some super dry desert heat and high temps, muggy humidity, or the worst of both worlds. All in all, it’s a small price to pay for some sunshine and vitamin D.

The good news is, you can do more than just blast the A/C or jump in the pool to beat the summer heat. Here are some healthier ideas for summer treats that can keep you cool, hydrated, and feeling good from the inside out.

Healthy Popsicles are always a hit, and they’re easy as fudge to make. With just about 3-4 ingredients per pop, you can make a lot of these and keep them in the fridge for mid-day treats or movie night goodies. We’ve given you a few ideas below, but feel free to mix up your own and let us know how they taste.

Fruit Ice Cubes Ideas
Fruit cubes can add flavor to water to help you drink more water and stay hydrated. They’re super simple to make, and any combination you can think of can be frozen into cubes. Just add berries or sliced fruits and veggies to an ice tray and freeze. Then, when you reach for your water bottle or glass, pop a few of these in.

Green Tea Face Mist
Treat your skin to a refreshing face mist made from green tea and cool, filtered water. Simply steep two green tea bags in cold water for two hours and pour into an empty, clean spray bottle. Put the bottle in the fridge until it’s nice and cold. When you’re ready, start spritzing. The diluted tea is rich in antioxidants and provides cooling with just a few sprays.

Iced Dalgona Protein Vanille Latte Recipe
Start your day with an Iced Dalgona Protein Vanilla Latte for a frosty, frothy pick-me-up. It’s the hottest (read: coolest) drink that all the kids are making on Instagram these days, but with a healthier spin. The plant-based protein and almond milk make this version every bit as creamy while upping the protein content on your coffee. It’s honestly a win-win when it comes to mixing morning coffee and nutrition.

Cucumber Pineapple Collagen Smoothie Recipe
Last, but certainly not least, we would be remiss if we didn’t recommend something green like this Cucumber Pineapple Collagen Smoothie (the face mist didn’t count because it’s not for drinking.) This green smoothie tastes like your favorite juice blend without needing a juicer, and it’s an absolute powerhouse in the functional nutritional department. Cucumber hydrates 2x as well as water while collagen supports skin, hair, and nail health. This smoothie is perfect for staying cool while looking and feeling your best.