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How to Get Over the Afternoon Slump

Find yourself feeling exhausted around 2 PM for no observable reason? Hello, afternoon slump. But before you reach for the third grande coffee of the day, reconsider what is making you lose energy in the first place. With just a few small, positive changes to your daily routine, you may find yourself powering through the afternoon with purpose, but it does take patience. Some of our suggestions are quick-fixes, but like most good health routines, it may take time to retrain your brain and box. These small changes can help you be a little more active, all day long. Get Bendy Stretching as often as you can is a good idea in general, but when you spend most of your day sitting, it is even more important. Stretching also improves circulation, and helps loosen up muscles and joints that you may have not even noticed were tight. When you sit back down, you may feel more comfortable and limber, thus more able to focus on the task at hand. Make Breakfast a Thing We’re not talking about a toaster pop up thingy, we’re talking a healthy, wholesome meal of nutrients, healthy fats, and clean protein. No time? No problem! Whip up a speedy breakfast in five minutes or less. By eating a nutritious breakfast before heading out the door for work, you are kickstarting your metabolism, which can actually make you burn more calories over the course of the day than if you hadn’t eaten anything at all. Additionally, meals high in fiber and protein increase satiety and you’re more likely to avoid any sugary temptations before lunchtime. Squeeze in a Morning Workout By getting up a little earlier to workout, you may end up actually feeling more awake than if you had slept that extra hour. How is this possible?! Even though you are burning energy, a morning workout can actually help give your body and mind a long term boost to last you throughout the long work day. Plus, starting the day by taking positive, healthy action for your own wellbeing is a great way to give yourself the space and fortitude to be productive throughout the rest of the day. For mornings where you just don’t have the time. here are some awesome stretches you can do from the comfort of your pajamas. Hydrate After only two hours of less than optimal hydration levels, our body and brains begin to suffer. In a recent study it was shown that tasks which require attention to detail, problem solving, and basic coordination were affected by no more than something as simple as being thirsty. Remember that if you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, so work on keeping your reusable water bottle close at hand throughout the day. For those who work a desk job, getting hydrated comes with the added bonus of needing to get up from your desk every now and then for a trip to the fountain and/or bathroom. Having a tough time remembering to sip as you go? There’s an app for that. Jump Around Skip the desk lunch and try taking a quick walk before eating somewhere outside or away from a screen. If you have a spare few minutes, hike up and down the staircase a few times. Stairs are a great way to quickly get your blood flowing and heart pumping. Just getting up and going for a short walk improves circulation, which can help you feel rejuvenated and energized when returning to the project you left. Remember that it’s equally important is to listen to your body, especially when you feel tired. Adequate rest is the best fuel for your brain and body! Whatever your daily routine is, if you’re experiencing a lack of energy when you need it, change something! Sometimes there isn’t a quick fix, but integrating these five things will help you get started in the right direction.

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