There’s no doubt that from October to December it can be a challenge to stay balanced and feeling your best. With holiday party trays glittering with sugary confections and crock pots full of rich, saucy slow cooked comforts, things can get even tougher. However, you can restore and maintain balance even during the holidays and emerge in January feeling grateful and on track to welcome the new year without having to avoid eye contact with broken resolutions of yesteryear. We’ve got some tips for holiday weight loss which you can implement today and continue on into January 2019! Keeping your nutritional routine during the holiday season is not impossible- in fact, simply starting each day with a protein-powder and produce packed smoothie or easy overnight protein oats can set the tone for a day of healthy choices. A nutritious, protein and fiber rich breakfast can help regulate your blood sugar throughout the morning, get your metabolism going, and keep you feeling sustained and energized until lunch. Smoothies can also keep your digestion regular and reduce the discomfort often caused by over-indulging. Plus, research shows that oatmeal can help burn fat and shed unwanted weight, so don’t deprive yourself of a good breakfast! In fact, research supports eating regularly throughout the day rather than skipping meals to prevent blood sugar crashes, cravings, and overeating, which can force the body to store more fat instead of burning it. Instead of skipping a meal, try organic meal replacement drinks to ensure you are supplying your body with the building blocks it needs to lose weight and feel good. When replacing a meal for weight loss, it is important to make sure your body gets enough protein and fiber to feel full while also making sure you are getting the nutrition your body needs. With organic protein shakes from vegan and grass-fed sources, Orgain has a convenient, tasty, protein powerhouse for everyone’s needs and tastebuds! Portion control is another great strategy when faced with a shimmering buffet of holiday offerings. Instead of having one of everything, think about the dishes and treats you are most looking forward to and skip the less-than-stellar options. Select a slice of your favorite pie and enjoy every single bite without feeling guilty for overeating. Or, enjoy a mug of rich egg nog or a serving of your family’s cornbread stuffing, savoring your portion and listening to your body’s cues for when you are comfortably full. There’s no reason you can’t have your cake and eat it too, just be choosy about your indulgences. Abiding by the 90-10 principle is a helpful way to keep track of your health goals and your food choices during the holiday season. Essentially, eat wholesome foods 90% of the time and savor those decadent delicacies 10% of the time. Don’t forget to keep moving! Go for after dinner walks, take the stairs, or go hiking with your family on the weekend. Winter can be chilly in many places but bundling up and enjoying the crisp air is a natural stress reducer and the fresh air will do you good. Incorporating more movement into your routines and holiday gatherings can become treasured new traditions and self-care practices.