Summer is coming in hot and it is time to think ahead regarding your daily or weekly workout plan. Heavy limbs are a commons symptom of our bodies working hard to regulate temperature in those 80+ degree days, and while this might seem like a good excuse to skip that run, it’s actually doing way more good than harm. There is a line where it’s too hot to workout safely, but if you stay in touch with how your body is feeling and are fueling it accordingly, summer heat just might be on your side.

Sweat it out

No matter how, where, or when you workout, what is the first sign that you’re actually getting something done? That’s right- sweat. Sweating is one of the best things that we can do for our bodies. The primary function of sweating is to cool the body, but the process simultaneously flushes buildup within the pores themselves. Keep in mind that skin is your biggest organ, and organs stay healthy by staying active! In addition to the plethora of other benefits, by flushing your pores you may also see a reduction in breakouts and acne on your face, back, and chest.

Bottoms up

Sweat also purges toxins within the body, helping you feel the good type of drained and refreshed after your workout. It’s important to keep in mind that while you are sweating out the bad stuff, your body also releases important nutrients and vitamins. It’s critical that you are replenishing these supplies. Instead of grabbing a sugary sports drink mid-workout (which can make your body lose even more of the fluids it needs), try a refreshing Superfoods coconut water! Finish your workout with a cool smoothie (like the Easy Chocolate Berry Clean Protein Smoothie) and copious amounts of water to ensure you stay hydrated and restored.

Mind the time

The sun can be brutal, not just to our muscles, but to our skin! If possible, try to fit in a run or core session before work while it’s still cool, or in the evening before dinner. If you must work out midday, make an effort to wear light, moisture-wicking materials to keep you feeling light. While long sleeved shirts might be the last thing you want to wear, protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful midday rays is important. At minimum, be sure to apply sunscreen! While there are numerous benefits to getting in a workout outside during the hotter summer months, it is also important to know your body's limits and understand when it’s just too hot for it to be healthy. If you lose too many fluids, a workout can get dangerous. On the days when temperatures reach record highs (as they are predicted to this summer!) opt for a core workout in your home or head to an air conditioned gym instead. If there is an outdoor pool in your area, consider doing some laps to get your cardio in! Swimming has been proven to be the healthiest form of exercise there is, as it takes the stress off your joints while working every major muscle group in the body. So, slip on your swimsuit or lace up your sneakers, get sweaty, and drink a lot of water to ensure your workouts are fun and comfortable this summer!