Weight Management

Stalled Out on your Way to a Healthy Weight? Some Tips to get you Back on Track

Some of us made it to midnight and others were in bed and at it early the next morning, but no matter what your New Year’s Eve looked like, chances are you set some goals for yourself in the 2018. Every year, more Americans vow to get more exercise and eat better, and somewhere around February those great intentions tend to fall victim to, well, life.   If you are one of the many who have chosen to focus on reaching your healthy and happy weight this year but you’ve given up on #MotivationalMondays and #WorkoutWednesdays we’re here to help. Here are some easy, everyday goals to get you back on track: Say no to snooze! Simple things like setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier may seem small but can actually make a big difference. Instead of using those extra 15 minutes to scroll through emails or Facebook, use them to wake up your body and set your intentions for the day. Take five minutes to sit at the edge of your bed and take some deep breaths. Inhale, exhale. Feel your mind and body wake up. Honor the process.Stand up and stretch, reaching for the sky and then for your toes. Throw in some lunges and maybe even a little floor work and your body and brain will be ready to enjoy and appreciate a healthy day! Turn your office into your personal gym.  Is your fitness tracker telling you to move? Listen up! We are all guilty of getting into an “all or nothing” workout routine, but a healthy lifestyle means activity throughout the day and it really can happen anywhere.Instead of scrolling through Instagram at lunch, pull out your yoga mat.  Instead of hitting number 5 in the elevator, hit the stairs! Sure the first couple days maybe a challenge, but by the end of the week you’ll be taking those steps two at a time! Who needs a Stair Master now? And if you’re lucky enough to work somewhere with easy outdoor access, all the better! No, we don’t suggest you train for a marathon on your lunch break (unless you’re actually training for a marathon, in which case, get after it!), but shoot for a brisk 20-minute walk. Not only will the fresh air recharge your brain, but also get those steps in. Studies show the average person can walk a mile in under 20 minutes–that’s over 2000 steps! Meal prep! Meal prep! Meal prep!  Does it require planning? Yes. Is it difficult? NO. Planning your lunches a day or two ahead of time is shown to help us eat healthier. Planning out nutriient dense snacks and well-balanced lunches is a great tool for keeping up with those healthy weight goals. Many people are finding success with Sunday meal prep sessions. We like to take an hour or two to plan out a couple balanced and easy meals. Salads are great, but make sure you’re getting all the food groups in there. Choose your favorite protein, veggies and grains to create a simple dish that can be reheated or eaten chilled. Slice up some apples and toss a handful of low-sugar trail mix into reusable containers and you’re ready to take on Monday like a champ! Plus, you just might save some money in the process!

Get picky with your protein

Remember, when it comes to healthy weight loss, clean protein is your friend. Not only does a high-protein diet help maintain a healthy weight but also overall body function. Protein shakes are an easy choice for when you’re dashing to meetings or the next carpool pick up. With 21 grams of protein, zero sugar, and all organic ingredients it’s easy to feel good about snacking on-the-go. Don’t let your sweet tooth beat you!  We get it. Work is stressful sometimes and can really take a toll on your energy levels. After an eight hour day you might not be thrilled at the idea of creating a sink full of dishes. Instead of reaching for that pint of ice cream, grab your Chocolate Orgain Plant Based Protein Powder, a banana, almond milk, and a handful of blueberries and almonds. Save the blueberries and almonds for decorative deliciousness and throw everything else in your blender! Blend until smooth, sprinkle with blueberries and shaved almonds and you have an Instagram-worthy, nutrition-dense, and chocolatey dessert! We know it’s not easy staying on track, but keep your head up, your sneakers on and your Orgain goodies handy. Pretty soon your healthy, active goals will become a well-loved lifestyle!

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