As we get closer to the New Year, we hear lots of people talking about resolutions. They say January 1st (OK, maybe January 2nd) is the date to recommit yourself to losing weight, eating right, or working out. The general gist of the message is: "eat, drink, and be merry today, for tomorrow we diet." At Orgain, we see the New Year differently. We see it as just one day on the continuous time line to wellbeing. It’s a time to check in on your health and make progress toward a more vibrant, healthy life for the long-term. Research shows that January 2nd is a day that many of us commit to a new diet with the best of intentions, only to find ourselves making the exact same promises a year later. That's why we want to reframe the conversation about resolutions to be about long-term health solutions. We believe that nutrition is key to any health goal, and that consistently getting the nutrition you need will make it easier to achieve all of those goals, whether you're aiming to shed a few pounds, complete an Iron Man Triathalon, or stay strong for your next round of treatment. So we'll be kicking off 2016 with a Healthy reSolutions contest that will take the long view, with a grand prize of:
  • A year of consultations with a nutritionist/health coach
  • A $500 gift card to the grocery store or health food store of the winner’s choice, and
  • One year’s supply of Orgain products.
We’ll also be providing nutrition and health tips from experts, as well as giveaways on our Facebook page throughout the month of January to help get you on the road to a long-term health solution of your own. Healthy resolutions are great. Long-term health solutions are even better. Join Orgain in January, and throughout the year, to take steps toward a lifetime of good nutrition and better health.