Here comes the candy! Anyone else find staying away from the Halloween stash near to impossible? Or maybe the real struggle is keeping the kids’ blood sugar at a reasonable level as they whittle away at the seemingly unending piles of sweets? Here are some Halloween hacks to keep you happy and healthy while still enjoying the holiday:

Eat before you Trick or Treat

Sitting down to a healthy and balanced dinner or late-lunch before hitting the neighborhood trick or treat route might not keep us away from the candy completely, but it will help keep portions appropriate.

Offer healthy and alternative options

Not every “treat” has to be sugar-filled or edible! Consider handing out small toys like bouncy balls, hacky sacks, and glow sticks. It gives the option of having something tangible, reusable, and adds a little bit of variety to the neighborhood. Having goodies like Organic Kids O Bars, single serving nut butter packs, and granola on hand works for just about everyone. They’re low-sugar, portable, and offer more nutritional benefits than the traditional lollipops and candy bars.  

Everything in moderation, including moderation

Hoping to control the candy intake without being a wet blanket? Once the ghoulish group has returned home it’s time to take stock of the haul and set some boundaries. Maybe letting the young ones stash their stash in their bedrooms isn’t the best way to help them pace out their hard-earned stockpile. One tip is to store each kid’s candy in a bin in the kitchen, where you can keep an eye on it and set limitations (one piece after dinner, one piece at lunch, etc). It might be a bit of a battle at first, but chances are their tempers will even out as their blood sugar levels do.

Don’t forget to celebrate

Halloween only comes around once a year, so if you’re inclined towards a little celebration and healthy levels of indulgence, have at it! It’s a fun and spooky holiday that encourages creativity and allows all of us to go a little wild. Embrace the chaos and snag a piece of candy or three for good measure. Have a safe and happy Halloween!