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Fun Family Activities for a Healthy Spring Break

Spring break is almost here and for some parents it can be a challenge to find activities the whole family will enjoy. Whether you are going on a road trip, flying to a beach resort or kicking back at home for a relaxing staycation, we’ve got plenty of fun ideas to make the most of spring break. Whatever your family’s plans, these activities focus on quality time and staying active to create new memories and leave you and your family recharged and reconnected.

  1. Play outside. Initiate a game of freeze tag or a family soccer game in the backyard. Playing together outdoors is a perfect time to soak up some much-needed vitamin D after a long winter and to reconnect without a device in sight!
  2. Plant a garden. Pick out seed packets together and then prepare your garden for planting as a family. Small pots on a windowsill or even reusing an egg carton to start seedlings is a great project so make the most of whatever space you have!
  3. Picnic at the park. Veggie sticks, superfood hummus, and tasty protein cookies are perfect for packing up the picnic basket to fuel hours of tag, hide and seek, and cloud watching at your favorite park.
  4. Movie night. Pop up a batch of yummy peanut butter popcorn (or these peanut butter popcorn balls if you have more time!) while the kids get cozy with pillows and blankets before hitting play on a movie everyone can enjoy. Check out Common Sense Media to browse movies and shows by age group, genre, themes, and recommendations to simplify your search.
  5. Beach day. Pack plenty of water, spf, buckets, shovels, fluffy towels, and healthy snacks to spend the day in the salt and sun.
  6. Dance Party. Get those rainy day wiggles out with a freeze dance party. Embrace the silliness and join in with your kids; the giggles will be contagious while cabin fever dissipates.
  7. Get crafty. April showers bring May flowers and it’s always a good idea to have some craft supplies on hand for rainy days. Try this easy project inspired by LEGO using Orgain empty protein powder tubs or these spring flower crafts to divert extra energy into getting creative.
  8. Bake cookies. Spend quality time together and whip up a batch of these Peanut Butter Protein Cookies or super simple three ingredient oatmeal cookies - both perfect for dunking in Orgain Almond Protein Milk and for bringing the family together for sweet moments in the kitchen.
  9. Work it out. Whether it’s a family crossfit session or yoga in the park, taking time to work out as a family is an opportunity to get active together and model healthy habits. Besides, we are convinced 2-minute planks are just as bonding as they are challenging!
  10. Take a hike. Scout out a new hiking trail and explore the mountains, rivers, forests, or deserts near your home. Don’t forget to bring your favorite Orgain protein bars for your trek!

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