Fuel your Fitness – Introducing Orgain’s New Sport Line

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Fuel your Fitness – Introducing Orgain’s New Sport Line

Whether you’re an exercise novice, weekend warrior or trained athlete, consuming the right fuel is crucial to enhancing performance and getting the results you crave. We dove into the science behind exercise performance and recovery to formulate three plant-powered products to help you find your competitive edge. We introduce to you, the Orgain Sport Line.

Orgain 30g Sport Protein

There’s no doubt that exercise places stress on the body. Intense exercise can actually induce muscle degradation, damaging your muscle tissues. In order to repair that damage and support muscle growth, your body needs protein. Orgain Sport Protein was specifically formulated to combat this by protecting and supporting your muscles. Providing 30g of plant-based protein and 5g of BCAA’s, it boosts a wealth of performance enhancing, fitness-loving ingredients:

  • Tart Cherry is shown to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which appear to aid in the recovery of muscle function following strenuous exercise. (7)
  • Fermented Turmeric is a spice rich in curcumin, a constituent found to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which may benefit inflammatory conditions. (8)(9)(10)
  • Ginger is an anti-inflammatory spice found to be effective against exercise-induced muscle pain. (11)

When to take it: Orgain Sport Protein can be used at all times of day, but is best used post workout, helping to refuel and repair muscles. Aim to consume within one hour following exercise to support optimal muscle growth and minimize muscle breakdown.

Orgain Sport Recovery

A balanced diet providing adequate protein and hydration is one of the best ways to enhance recovery, however there are certain food-based ingredients that can supercharge the process. Orgain Sport Recovery was expertly designed to help tired, post-workout muscles recover faster with the aid of these beneficial ingredients:

  • Ashwaganda has been found to support muscle strength and exercise-induced muscle damage that occurs after strength training. (12)
  • Reishi Mushrooms has been found to increase antioxidant activity and protect athletes from oxidative stress. (13)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar provides a naturals source of minerals which may aid in electrolyte repletion after exercise.

When to take it: Orgain Sport Recovery is best consumed within 30 minutes post exercise or throughout the day for continued support.

Orgain Sport Energy

Working out is hard and quite frankly it should be. If it’s too easy, you won’t see results. If it’s too hard, you might stop shy or skip your workout all together. In order to get the most out of our workouts, we need to challenge ourselves, but all to often that well-intentioned, struggle-avoidant mind of ours can hold us back. That’s where Orgain Sport Energy comes in! This plant-powered beverage provides a natural energy boost pre-workout to support athletic performance.  

Orgain Sport Energy is packed with nutritious ingredients to help enhance performance and endurance during exercise:

  • Caffeine that is derived from organic green coffee beans, this ergogenic aid delivers 80 mg of energy helping to support mental acuity and focus while staving off fatigue. (1)
  • Red Beets support athletic performance by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the muscles due to naturally occurring nitrates. (2)(3)
  • Cordyceps Mushroom that supports measures of exercise performance including endurance, resistance to fatigue and improvement in oxygen utilization. (4)
  • Ginseng is shown to reduce inflammatory markers and protect against oxidative stress. (5)(6)

When to take it: For an exercise boost, Orgain Sport Energy is best consumed 20-30 minutes before exercise (ideally in the morning or afternoon depending on sensitivity to caffeine!). Alternatively, if you’re simply looking for a pick-me-up during your day, our Sport Energy can be consumed as you would a cup of coffee (each serving contains 80mg of caffeine, compared to 95mg of caffeine in your average 8oz cup of coffee).

There you have it! Three nutrient packed products designed to help you reach your goals.

The Orgain Sport Line delivers a complete performance and recovery system. Although each product was designed to be used in concert with your fitness regimen, they can be used apart from other products in the line. They can also be used by anyone, exercise enthusiast or not!


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