After a fun summer, it’s time to shift gears into fall. The beginning of fall is always bittersweet- with that end of summer sadness, freshly sharpened pencils, and a new crispness in the breeze. Part of living a healthy, active lifestyle is cultivating more awareness, not just of ourselves but to our surroundings and the seasons. Take advantage of a fresh fall start, getting organized and honing your focus on this new season!

Summer Reflections. Whether it’s a journal entry, short meditation session, or just chatting with your friends and family about your summer adventures, taking the time to reflect on the past summer is a great way to tie up loose ends and free yourself to begin a new season. Looking at photos or sharing favorite memories and revisiting particularly challenging moments of the summer can give you insight into what you and your family needs moving into fall. As you take a minute to wrap up summer, begin reviewing any significant events scheduled this fall and consider the new challenges and adventures that are headed your way. 

Get organized. What are some of the projects you need to tackle this fall? Getting out the calendar and having a family meeting to coordinate new school, work, and activity schedules could help pave the way for a smoother transition into a naturally busier time of year. Things can get hectic so syncing digital calendars or updating your planner may be a good first step towards getting a handle on autumnal activities. Since the days are still reasonably long, make the most of weekends with family hikes and time outdoors to bridge the gap between carefree summer days and the more scheduled days of fall. It’s also a perfect time to do a little de-cluttering, tidying high traffic areas in your home, and cleaning out last school year’s debris from backpacks. Get kiddos in on creating space for a fresh start with this fun craft using empty Orgain protein tubs for organization!

New year, new you? Checking in with your new year’s resolutions is another awesome way to recognize your progress and challenges, especially concerning health goals. Maybe you gave up refined sugar and you’re still going strong. Or maybe you wanted to exercise more and feel like you didn’t get out as much as you wanted this summer. Keep things simple by stashing Orgain Simple Protein Bars and ready to drink protein shakes in your pantry so no matter how busy fall gets, you can feel your best. Here at Orgain, we believe giving yourself the freedom of a fresh start is a perfect opportunity to make small habit shifts today, regardless of yesterday.