Without regular access to nutritious food, children can experience a world out of focus which limits their ability to thrive at a critical stage in their development that sets the tone for their future.

When kids don’t have food security, their ability to focus, learn and socially develop are severely impacted. ​Numerous studies have found an association between food insecurity and lower cognitive function, poorer mathematics scores and grade repetition, poor reading performance, and poor social functioning.

And yet, 1 in 8 kids go to school hungry.

Food For Focus is a new campaign designed to raise awareness of the crucial role nutrition plays in the lives of young people.

Published research has shown that students who have regular access to full, nutritious lunches can experience improved short-term memory and the ability to conceptualize, better math and IQ test scores, and improved attention spans.

Help us unlock kids’ full potential by using the Food for Focus filter to create an unfocused selfie and post on social media before September 30th and Orgain will make a $5 donation to FoodCorps, up to $250,000, to aid in their mission to ensure every student has the nutrition they need to thrive.

Since its founding in 2009, Orgain has put access to better nutrition at the heart of its mission, a value it shares with FoodCorps. Orgain and FoodCorps believe that children of all races, places, and classes deserve the opportunity to experience the vibrancy that comes from nutritious food.

To fulfill its mission to ensure every child has access to food education and nourishing food in school by 2030, FoodCorps partners with schools and communities to provide kids with nourishing meals, food education and culturally affirming experiences with food that celebrate and nurture the whole child.