The human body relies on a trifecta of macronutrients to maintain optimum health and wellbeing. Protein, fat, and carbohydrates make up this dynamic trio and because protein is such an integral part of repairing and rebuilding muscle, strengthening the immune system, moderating metabolism, and so much more, it’s pretty important to get enough every day. We know life gets messy and sometimes it’s hard enough to find your keys in the morning, let alone pay attention to how much protein you’re getting in a given day. Thus, we’ve got a list of ideas that range from getting creative in the kitchen to a few pre-made, convenient protein pick-me-ups you can stock in your pantry, office, and car so you’ll have the clean, organic fuel you need when you need it.
  1. Shakes: these are already made and this organic protein powder just needs to be added to a shake bottle for the ultimate rich, satisfying drink on the go. If you have 5-10 minutes, blending this chocolate orange protein smoothie makes a zippy breakfast or you can serve it as a dessert after a long day. We like it topped with coconut whip!
  2. Protein bars: stash a few of these in your gym bag, purse, and desk drawer for easy access. When selecting a protein bar, always read the ingredients list! Steer clear of anything with more sugar than protein and make sure the ingredients are clean, simple, and recognizable… a good rule of thumb when choosing packaged foods.
  3. Handful of nuts: Nuts are a no-fuss, simple snack that is energy dense with the fat, carbs, and protein you need in between meals. Choose raw or roasted without added oils, sugars, or too much salt. You can also add pumpkin and sunflower seeds to your handful for a little extra crunch.
  4. Chocolatey high fiber protein fat bites: these come together quickly so you can whip them up at the beginning of the week and rest assured that you’ve got something to nosh on between meetings, appointments, and soccer games.
  5. Yogurt: try stirring some protein powder into Icelandic or Greek yogurt for their high protein content or, if you are vegan or plant-based, into your favorite probiotic-rich yogurt alternative. Sprinkling your yogurt with granola also will ensure you are getting protein, fat, and carbs.