What does finding balance mean to you? Is it more than getting enough sleep and self care Sundays? Maybe it incorporates your friends, family, diet, exercise, spirituality and work goals? In short, that’s a lot, and sometimes the goal of “finding balance” is the most difficult thing we do. It requires weighing choices and outcomes, but also letting go and recognizing that we can’t control everything. Instead of working towards balance, consider working towards nurturing your health, your spirit, and your relationships. What does that take? Sometimes the answer lies in small daily choices we make throughout our days. Here are a few ways to nurture yourself and find a little more balance.

Start simply

It’s no lie that starting your morning off right can help to improve your day. In Cathryn Lavery’s Huffington Post article she discusses how changing the first 60 minutes of her day helped her to become a more successful and healthy person. Simple things like drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up to rehydrate can make a huge difference in how your body and brain function. Stretching, taking a few quiet moments to yourself to meditate, setting daily goals, and more. All of these simple things can give you a proper and productive foundation to start your day off right.

Nourish to nurture

An important part of a healthy morning includes fueling your body with the best possible nutrition. Orgain Perfect Balance Smoothies  are a quick and easy way to consume all the nutrients and healthy energy you need without making you late to your first meeting.

Get some fresh air

Spending time outdoors is shown to reduce stress, improve your immune system and overall physical health, as well as boost creativity. Varying your exercise routine is also a key component of not only enjoying being active, but making it a part of your lifestyle for the long run.

Write it down

Finding the perfect planner that fits your budget and lifestyle can be a lifesaver. Jot down reminders to yourself, make grocery lists, to-do lists, and give your brain a break. Maybe you thrive on inspirational quotes. There are planners for that! Consider starting a Morning Pages routine, and free-write for two minutes or ten or thirty, to clear your head and make room for the day. It’s amazing how much power is in a pen.

Spend time together

Now that you’re a pro at planning, why not focus on spending more time with friends and family. In a recent article from mindbodygreen they discuss how having a strong and supportive community can lead to less stress and increased motivation. No we don’t mean having a friend that’s always the first one to like your latest post, but a friend who is willing to go out for a lunch date (yes, away from their desk) to chat about something other than work. Why not get a couple generations of the family together for Wednesday walks. It’s a perfect way to catch up with the family and keep up with your cardio. No matter how busy life gets, remember that your happiness and your health comes first.

Use your vacation time

Finding a healthy work/life balance is crucial to not only your happiness but your health as well. Over time, work stress has been shown to weaken our immune systems, contribute to unhealthy weight gain, and even cause depression. According to Forbes the average American employee only uses about 50% of their allotted vacation time. It’s important to remember that health and happiness should come first. So even if a week long vacation in Monaco isn’t in the budget this year, be sure to still take that time away from work. Consider a day or camping trip in a state or national park, or even enjoy a “stay-cation” and re-discover your local parks, yoga studios, cafes and coastlines. The most important thing is to make time to recharge and reconnect with your health.   So take this year to refuel, plan, and play hookie every now and again. Your body and your mind will thank you.