Cryotherapy is one of the latest modes of recovery that has the health and wellness world all a-flutter. Purported to be a cure or treatment for everything from chronic pain to stalling the effects of aging, cryotherapy’s proponents make a lot of claims. Cryotherapy essentially uses extreme cold exposure, usually in the form of a cold chamber, for 2-5 minutes to get relief from chronic inflammation and to speed muscle recovery in athletes. Spas also offer cryotherapy services as facials and beauty treatments, often touting weight loss and cellulite reduction benefits and some say it may even be good for treating chronic allergies. Before you get swept up in the hype, or totally turned off by it, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about cryotherapy. 

While cryotherapy in its current form originated with a doctor in Japan in the 1970s, using cold to treat pain and inflammation has been around for thousands of years. Cryotherapy and its vast alleged benefits are still being researched and there is very little if any evidence to support claims of reduced cellulite, anti-aging, and weight loss. However, the research focusing on chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle recovery shows some promise for cryotherapy as an effective treatment method, though more research is still needed to draw more definitive conclusions. So, if you are looking for a miracle fix for weight loss or a frozen fountain of youth, cryotherapy might not be worth your while- only time and more research will tell. High performing athletes and those with chronic pain and inflammation may want to give it a try after consulting their doctor and evaluating their current muscle recovery plan.  

The take away here is that cryotherapy could be one aspect of an effective muscle recovery plan for runners, triathletes, and other high-performers prone to soreness and even injury. If you’re not quite ready to step foot into a cryo chamber, rest assured that there are plenty of other ways to promote muscle recovery. Getting plenty of clean protein along with protein pacing can be excellent ways to ensure your body is getting enough of the building blocks it needs for efficient muscle building and recuperation. As always, Orgain makes high quality organic protein to keep you running strong on your fitness and performance journey. Nourishing your body and strategically scheduling rest days go a long way in reducing soreness, building strength, and increasing endurance. We’re here for you with tasty, nutritious fuel in the form of ready to drink nutrition shakes, organic plant-based and grass fed protein powders, and an assortment of convenient protein bars so you can keep pushing to new heights.