Did you know that eating Organic is not only good for you, but good for the Planet too? With Earth Day just around the corner, here are 5 Reasons to eat Organic!
  1. More of the good stuff Evidence continues to mount for organic crops having more antioxidants and micronutrients than conventionally grown fruits & veggies. Naysayers may argue that the actual measurable difference is negligible, but we’re of the mind that every bit counts!
  2. Less of the bad stuff We can all agree that we don’t want to consume harmful toxins, right? Organic certification on your food means that it is free of synthetic additives including pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms… the list goes on.  
  3. Sustainability Just like we don’t thrive on toxins, neither does the environment. When used in non-organic farming methods, those synthetic additives can seep into the ground, poison water supplies, harm local wildlife and disrupt the ecosystem. On the contrary, organic farming methods are far more sustainable as they preserve soil integrity and respect biodiversity.
  4. Convenience The hardest part of eating organic is making that commitment to your health. After that it can be as easy as reaching for Orgain Organic Protein! It doesn’t get much more convenient than our grab-n-go Protein Bars and ready-to-drink Shakes
  5. Support For Organic companies! More and more consumers view their spending as a way to “vote” for things that are important to them. When you purchase organic, your dollars support all four of the above reasons and likely a lot more than you realize. Companies that go the extra mile to be certified organic (on top of all the food regulations set forth by the USDA) likely go the extra mile in other ways too. For example, Orgain Organic Protein Almond Milk is produced in a way that saves water and is bee-friendly. You get to take home the Orgain products you love AND contribute to healthy honeybee populations. Feels good, doesn’t it?