If you’ve ever felt defeated while trying to count calories and diet, you’ll know what a drag it can be. The tightening of the proverbial belt can become unsustainable when you feel you have to deprive yourself meal in and meal out. Afterall, your goal is to improve your health and feel good about your body, focusing on other rewarding aspects of your life, right? Plus, sharing delicious food with others is a large part of holidays, parties, and even nightly conversation around the dinner table can add vibrance to life. At Orgain, we firmly believe that healthy and delicious belong together. With a few smart swaps and reframing your mindset around quantity and meal frequency, you’ll be able to look forward to meals again without losing track of your health goals. 

It’s often considered common sense that if you want to lose weight, you need to eat less, less often. However, nutritionists are challenging these assumptions, with studies showing that people actually tend to overeat after restricting calories, causing the body stress and triggering fat storage. In fact, eating a plant-based diet, one that prioritizes whole plant foods, is incredibly satisfying because you can eat large quantities of nutrient rich veggies and fruit without fretting over calories. Pile your plate high with leafy greens, raw veggies, and fruit and you’ll be able to fill up on plenty of fiber and nutrients to boost your metabolism and digestion- two key factors in losing extra weight and feeling great. 

Make eating healthy easier by swapping junk food with whole, unprocessed foods. If you love sweets, this chocolate avocado pudding may satisfy your sweet tooth without tons of added sugar and unhelpful trans fats found in most commercial chocolate desserts and candy. If you crave crunchy, savory snacks, try hummus with veggie sticks and plantain chips in place of potato chips and dip. Soda is another source of unnecessary dyes, artificial flavorings, additives, and refined sugar- combined with high acidity and caffeine, a better beverage could slake your thirst without slaying your health. Try this tasty spritzer or this hydrating collagen coconut water for glowing skin, hydration, and something more flavorful than tap. 

Having easy, healthy options just waiting to be snagged from your pantry or fridge can make all the difference in setting yourself up to make better choices. Orgain Simple Bars and ready to drink vegan protein shakes provide super tasty, nutritious fuel whenever you need them. What’s better, a diet full of clean protein, fruits, veggies, and whole foods is more satisfying, opening you up to an abundance of positive options that will nourish your body and mind through enjoyment… sounds so much better than counting calories and saying no to every single piece of cake that comes your way, right?