Dads have a big job. As Papa Bear, we know you work hard to be there for your cubs, teaching and comforting them as well as being playful, loving, and a good example of what healthy means. As any parent knows, this is quite a list of responsibilities, expectations, and the potential to lose yourself in this starring role can loom high, especially with busy schedules and trying to stay fit. Oftentimes, new parents and even the seasoned veterans will admit that their own self-care and fitness can get shelved during the child-rearing years, but you can find a way to thrive by creating healthy habits that work for you and your family’s routine.  

Taking time to exercise, whether as a family, on your own, or with a partner or friend can strengthen not only your body but also your relationships with others and with yourself. In fact, we’ve got plenty of ideas for keeping fit with the whole family without having to go to the gym. This Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up 8 body weight moves you can do at the playground, in the living room, or in the backyard, no gym membership or special equipment needed to care for your loved and looked-up-to dad bod.

  1. Two arm rows will tone your chest, arms, and abs. Start out with just your arms and add a dumbbell to increase resistance as needed.
  2. Pike press-up for strengthening arms, chest, and shoulders.
  3. Bicycle crunches will get your core tingling and your blood flowing. Be sure to engage your abdominal muscles, contracting them as you alternate with cycling legs to tone your abs and burn a little marshmallow fluff.
  4. Planks for a strengthened core and back. Use a swing set to do these at the playground while your kids play or
  5. Push ups for a stronger chest, core, arms, and shoulders.
  6. Jumping squats for glutes, hamstrings, quads, and increased explosive power for backyard football games and tag. Use a park bench, the bottom stair, or a sturdy box or block.
  7. Cardio for heart health, circulation, endorphins, and stamina. Try trail running, sprints, jump rope, or chasing your toddler at the park (or, you know, the cereal aisle).
  8. Alternating lunges strengthen and tone glutes and legs while improving balance.

Remember, being a dad isn’t an excuse to let your health go to the wayside - it’s a reason to take care of yourself and to take control of your wellness so you can have fun with your kiddos and feel great doing it for years to come. Now pull up those tall white socks and go get ‘em, Dad!