With a new year upon us, January can be a month of new beginnings and healthy habit shifts. It can also feel like a reprieve from rich holiday feasts and baked goods galore- all of which make the holiday season merry and bright but sometimes downright heavy in terms of digestion and weight gain. Instead of berating yourself for indulging over the holiday season, let January be a month of refreshed goals and positive self-care. Overcompensating for holiday weight gain by skipping meals can leave you feeling crabby and can wreak havoc on your eating habits in the long run. Instead, cultivating a few habit shifts and incorporating whole-nutrition meal replacement shakes can help you get your footing and feel your best.

Choose clean ingredients

Unfortunately, many meal replacement shakes on the market are packed with artificial sweeteners, flavors, and additives that are unnecessary and unhealthy. Orgain’s doctor developed nutritional powders and meal replacements feature clean ingredients you recognize, no added sugars, and definitely no artificial stand-ins for the real thing: whole foods and pure ingredients you can trust to fuel your body. Plus, with a range of truly delicious, smooth flavors, you can have plenty of variety and look forward to your shakes.

Stick to complete nutrition meal replacements

Because it is important not to skip meals, it is vital to sub in a high-quality, complete nutrition shake if you are using meal replacement shakes as a weight loss strategy. Ensuring you are getting complete nutrition from pure ingredients and protein sources is an act of self-care and we want to support your healthy weight goals. When combined with more regular exercise and healthy lifestyle shifts, weight management can become a long-term success and incorporating Orgain protein powders and nutritional meal replacement powders can make this easier.

Go easy on yourself

Protein powders and meal replacements are highly convenient- sparing you the temptation of takeout or fast food when you are trying to rebalance your body’s weight and digestion. Making your goals easier to maintain is a smart move towards a sustainable future of weight management and can reduce the stress surrounding regular meals during busy seasons of life. Getting into a routine can also support and strengthen your health goals. Having a handful of trusty recipes for quick, healthy meals and snacks can also boost your confidence in preparing and enjoying healthy foods.

Master the basics

Mastering a morning smoothie or a chocolate peanut butter protein shake as well as yummy vanilla protein bites that effortlessly stand in for less virtuous treats can empower you to make more permanent shifts towards optimal health and wellbeing. Your meal replacement and protein powders can also be mixed in to other foods like yogurt, oatmeal, or even chocolate raspberry pancakes or pumpkin chocolate chip muffin batter to transform the basics into nutritional powerhouses.