Taking place under the tagline ‘We can. I can.’, the ongoing goal of World Cancer Day is to discover and share ways we can all do our part to reduce the global burden of cancer. Just as cancer affects everyone in different ways, all people have the power to take various actions to reduce the impact that cancer has on individuals, families and communities. For us at Orgain, this common goal is not only a once-a-year commitment, it’s what we do every day. We believe that clean, organic nutrition is not only a path to helping prevent cancer, but also helps provide those living with cancer the nutrition they need to battle back. Cancer is how Orgain came to be.  

About Orgain

Orgain Founder Dr. Andrew Abraham has made formulating clean, delicious nutrition products his life’s work. Literally. As a cancer survivor and medical doctor, Dr. Abraham has first had experience with the critical importance of organic, wholesome nutrition and the vital role it plays in supporting the body in times of stress. . “Following my cancer diagnosis, I was in desperate pursuit of a healthy, nutritious drink made with only high quality organic ingredients. The truth is, most “nutritional” shakes are anything but, containing long list of artificial ingredients, corn syrup, genetically modified soy, hormones, and antibiotics. I made it my mission to formulate a drink that would actually make a difference in my health.” - Dr. Andrew Abraham, Orgain® Founder After exhaustive research and hours in the kitchen, Andrew finally developed the perfect formulation that would later become Orgain Nutrition Shakes, the first Orgain product. Today, Orgain works to provide clean, organic, great tasting nutrition that all of us can enjoy, and works with doctors, oncologists, and medical professionals to help their patients gain access to that same level of nutrition. As a company, we have one goal— provide the best and most delicious nutrition to help people gain health, gain energy and gain the most out of life! We routinely provide free product to people in need, often people battling cancer and kids in desperate need of nourishment. We work with organizations such as Feeding America as well as smaller organizations and individuals in need. Rather than being driven by a set budget or a specific percent of sales or profits, we make every effort to say YES and step forward with support whenever possible. We can. I can. How are you making an impact? Watch the full video Orgain: The Founder's Story. Learn more about Orgain for Healthcare Professionals