There’s no end to inspiration for adventure and fun in the summertime - to explore the best activities, tips, must haves, and vacation spots each year. Yet, many of these resources, ahem, looking at you Pinterest, can leave you with a feeling that you have to spend a fortune to have an Instagram-worthy summer. Well, we at Orgain say au contraire to that! You can have a healthy summer of picnics, beach days, lazy lolls in the park, and plenty of ‘grammable family moments without breaking the bank or your health goals with these simple tips.

Treat yourself to some homemade fancy hydration! Keep a large pitcher of superfoods water in the fridge with slices of lemon, ginger, melon, cucumber or a handful of blueberries to transform boring old tap water into an appealing refresher. Everyone in the family will feel hydrated and hip with their special drink and your wallet will thank you for skipping over pricey (and often sugary) prepared drinks at the grocery store.

Pack a healthy picnic. A picnic basket or cooler can be filled with whatever you want and it can save you some serious cash when the kids need a snack or everyone’s hungry for lunch. Skip expensive amusement park restaurants, food courts, and pricey concession stands, as well as their stale soft pretzels and oozy “cheeze” dip for fresh summery goodness. Pack melon slices, berries, yogurt cups, ready to drink Kids Protein Organic Nutrition Shakes, vanilla protein bites, veggie sticks and hummus, and kid-approved veggie sandwiches.

Take a free pass. Did you know that many museums, parks, zoos, and botanical gardens have discounted or free days and public libraries often have free day passes to check out? Skip the full cost of admission and let your kids explore the children’s exhibits, galleries, and play areas to their hearts’ content. If they get fussy or they are just not into it, you won’t feel bad about leaving early.

Scream for nice cream! Like ice cream, only way better. Indulge as often as you like in this healthy, budget-friendly version of the classic summer treat using frozen bananas, Orgain Plant Based Powder, and the toppings of your choice. The best part is that nice cream packs vitamins, minerals, and clean protein into a deliciously creamy, supremely healthy dessert with way less sugar and saturated fat as the original. Easy and quick to make, serve nice cream in your favorite bowl or cone and top with Orgain Simple Bar crumbles, make peanut butter chocolate for kids, or try vegan coffee nice cream for the grown-ups!

Get outdoors. Make frequent trips to the park, beach, lake, and nature preserves so everyone can have a nature bath. Studies show that time spent in nature can be stress relieving for children and adults alike, plus, hiking, exploring, and swimming are excellent for expending their seemingly endless energy in a wide-open environment, all free of charge.  

Chill. Unstructured down time is something many kids don’t get enough of. Encourage them to play outside, ride their bike, read a book, do a craft, or play with the neighborhood kids in lieu of always having planned activities, camps, or screen time. Fire up the sprinkler, build an outdoor fort, or have an at-home treasure hunt - use what you have to encourage creativity, play and relaxation without breaking the bank!