When it comes to food allergies, eating at home is easy, but often times at-school choices are limited. Even when packing lunch, it can be tricky to make sure your child is receiving the same nutrition and maintaining the same energy levels as everyone else on the playground. But don’t fret! Allergy friendly lunches don’t need to be boring, bland or lack nutritional value. These tips and recipe ideas will help make your kid’s packed lunch and after-school snacks safe and healthy, for themselves and for any other friends with allergies.


We’re on Team Smoothie! They are a great, easy, portable, and healthy option. In addition, smoothies are easy to make allergen free! Grab a smoothie as a quick snack or whip up a smoothie bowl topped with grain-free granola and fruit for a vitamin-packed breakfast. Smoothies are an awesome way to sneak in nutrients, and Orgain is proud to make our products allergy friendly. Our Plant Based Protein Powder is gluten free, vegan, soy free, lactose free, and dairy free. Plus, smoothies are a fun and easy food that kids can make for themselves!


Pureed soups are a great way to sneak in a ton of veggies and protein. Orgain Natural Unsweetened Plant Based Protein Powder is vegan, allergen free and blends perfectly and smoothly in with any ingredients, sweet or savory! Simply heat and pour into your kiddo’s favorite thermos and it should still be perfectly warm at lunch time. Just keep in mind that kids under 8 should stick to a half grown-up sized serving of protein powder per day.

Vegetables & Dip

Instead of crackers or bread with nut butters, opt for fresh vegetables and hummus. Not only will this avoid most common nut and dairy allergies, but vegetables provide your child with more nutritional value. Pair cut up celery, carrots, and cucumber with a dipping sauce like hummus, salsa, or green goddess dressing in a to-go container for a fun-to-eat snack that is filled with vitamins and fiber.

Sunflower Seed Butter

Peanut allergies are a big one and even almond butter can be a sticking point at some schools. Sunflower seed butter is a great option and tastes pretty darn great. Slather some on whole grain or gluten free bread with sliced bananas and your kiddo will still be able to enjoy a low-sugar, allergen safe classic.


Orgain Kids Protein Organic Nutritional Shakes are our hands-down go to when it comes to a quick and easy addition to our kids’ daily nutrition. While they do have dairy, they are gluten free, nut free, and soy free, which still makes them a great option for many.