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6 Simple ways to beat a winter wellness rut

by Sierra Nielsen It’s that dreaded time of year. Summer is officially over. Fall and winter roll around and your mood and motivation to keep up with your healthy habits start falling just as fast as the thermometer outside. The combination of temperatures dropping, days becoming shorter, heading back to school and the loss of vacation time & Summer Fridays at work can lead to an overwhelming sense of feeling lethargic, unmotivated and even irritable or anxious. Trust me I get it. Growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska, just the thought of a first snow fall made me want to curl up in bed with a plate full of pancakes and my favorite book or movie. Well I’ve got good news for you! Not only do I think that’s an INCREDIBLE idea but I’ve got lots of other simple ways to boost your spirits and ease the winter blues.

1. Take the time to SLOW DOWN!

In our fast paced, go-go-go world, sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is simply to just slow down! Too often, taking a break to indulge in a hobby, catch up with a friend over dinner and wine, read a good book or sleep in are considered lazy and indulgent. But in reality, sometimes that’s exactly what we actually need to recuperate and recover! When we are constantly in overdrive, we are putting constant stress on ourselves physically and mentally and leave ourselves incapable of being the best we can be. Taking time to rest and slow down are essential to your overall wellness.

2. Buddy up!

I know it’s cold outside but you’ve got to keep moving! Physical exercise is a proven depression buster full of amazing mood-enhancing endorphins. I know it can be difficult to get out of bed & stay motivated, but working out with a friend not only keeps you accountable but it will keep your spirits high and can even encourage better results by having someone there to push and challenge you!

3. Try something new!

There’s no more perfect of a time to change it up a bit and try a new workout class or hobby! Sick of constantly lifting weights in the gym? Try out that local kick boxing or pilates class you’ve been dying to try! Live in a snowy place? Try skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, etc. Embrace winter! Don’t let it be your enemy.

4. Soak up the sun.

Optimize your dose of sunshine as much as you can. Try your best to go outside within the first two hours of waking up. I know it may be cold, but taking that time to bundle up soak up the natural daylight will do wonders for your winter blues. Even while you are in the house or at work, keep your blinds and curtains open to maximize your natural light exposure.

5. Stock up on vitamin D.

It’s always a good idea, especially in the fall and winter months to stock up on a vitamin D supplement. Many diseases are correlated with low vitamin D levels, especially depression. Make sure to also stock up your kitchen with Vitamin D rich foods such. as including mushrooms, cod liver oil, swordfish, salmon, tuna, milk, yogurt, sardines and eggs.

6. Experiment in the kitchen

Cold temps and dark days are a recipe for comfort food cravings. But trust me, stuffing yourself with sugar and refined carbs will only make you feel more sluggish. Thankfully, there’s always a way to turn your fav comfort food fav into a healthy alternative! Craving pizza? Try out a new recipe for cauliflower pizza. Hot cocoa by the fire? Swap your usual coco mix with a scoop of Orgain Chocolate protein powder! Warm fluffy pancakes? No problem! We’ve got you covered with a healthy protein pancake recipe! HEALTHY COCONUT VANILLA PROTEIN PANCAKES! Try out the recipe here: http://www.sierranielsen.com/perfect-coconut-protein-pancakes/ Try out a few of these simple tricks and suddenly, that I can’t wait for winter to end attitude will be kicked to the curb! xo, Sierra P.S. #YourSoulSexy Follow Sierra for more daily inspo here: Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter       Save

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