Anyone else out there REALLY ready for winter’s end? While creamy vegan vanilla hot cocoa kept us warm after tromping in a snowy wonderland, we are ready to embrace the seasonal shift to spring. We’ve already talked about foods that cool and foods that fire, so if you could benefit from a little rebalancing, reconnection, and rejuvenation, here are some ultra-warming yoga poses to shake the chill out of your bones.

Yoga’s benefits go much further than simply working out - it’s a practice of dedication, mindfulness, and expressing gratitude towards oneself, others, and the larger world. Added benefits include reduced anxiety and depression, increased weight loss, improved blood pressure, and more. Yoga is versatile and is easy to adapt to the seasons. Hot yoga feels great in winter while restorative yoga may appeal to you during the holiday season or back to school stress in the fall. For spring, we’re getting fired up with these poses that warm and energize like the May sun!

Plank pose requires you to engage your abs as you align the rest of your body to hover over your yoga mat. You’ll know you are doing it correctly when you become acutely aware of your core - it may start as a mild tingle and then warm to a steady burn. Hold plank pose anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes, depending on where you are in your practice and what feels like a fun challenge. Try this 25 minute power plank party sequence to really feel the heat!

Chair pose: feel the burn in your quads, thighs, bum, and core with chair pose. Be sure to focus on your form and keep breathing! Because chair pose engages so many muscle groups, it is great for toning the legs and can help you feel grounded when stressed. Give it a try during the day to break up long periods of sitting to wake your muscles up and refresh your concentration.

Wheel pose will open your chest and stretch your back and core while challenging your balance… no wonder it can get your temperature up! Be sure to warm up with other poses first and watch a video for proper form to prevent injury or discomfort.

Twisted lunges engage your core and are considered detoxifying, they stimulate your digestive system and increase circulation in the body. The twisting action is both warming and revitalizing so it is perfect for jumpstarting an active day.

Sun salutations are a fluid series of poses that serve as a perfect micro-practice when you don’t have much time or as a perfect warm up for a longer yoga practice. Sun salutations are energizing, uplifting, and warming just like the rising morning sun.

As with all practices, listen to your body and be gentle with yourself. Whether it’s getting a deep stretch or doing a breathing exercise to ease the muscle clenching effects of a stressful day, movement should feel good and help your body and mind reconnect. Let these five yoga poses stoke your inner sun so you can radiate springtime warmth from the inside out!